Connecting People and  Knowledge

Atlas is an all-in-one digital workspace for knowledge, communication and collaboration that is built on and for Microsoft 365.

Our platform solves the problems everyone has – too many digital tools, too many silos, too much noise and too much stuff that's too hard to find.

Atlas simplifies the working experience, easily and efficiently connecting people to people and people to knowledge.

How Atlas works for our clients

Atlas, The People-First Digital Workspace, by ClearPeople


Silos and all over the place

Separate silos of information and tools for knowledge, communication and collaboration.

Replace with one place

One digital platform where knowledge, communication and collaboration are beautifully brought together to create connected experiences and empower people to be their best.


The People-First Digital Workspace

The way we work has changed. Atlas brings knowledge, communication and collaboration beautifully together in one digital workspace, enabling people to easily find and share information, vastly increasing collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Atlas, the only all-in-one platform for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva, has three core capabilities - Knowledge, Communication and Collaboration. These are further enhanced with Add-on Solutions, Accessible Features and Customer Success.

Atlas Knowledge Management

The key to harnessing and sharing knowledge is promoting inclusivity and connecting the right people with the right information.

The powerful features of Atlas Knowledge Management handle industry-specific scenarios.

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Atlas Communications Intranet

We know what works to drive employee engagement and experience. This, together with the way Atlas surfaces critical and relevant information, drives success.

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Atlas Collaboration

How do you enable employees to be more productive and better connected? By simplifying and enhancing the experience of Microsoft 365.

Atlas is the complete collaboration platform across internal teams and external parties.

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Add-on Solutions

Atlas Add-Ons can be purchased as stand-alone products or added to your current Atlas Digital Workspace.

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Accessibility is one of the key features of our Atlas proposition, driven by our passion for inclusivity and our experience with accessible digital solutions. 

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Customer Success

We make it easier for users to fall in love with Atlas. Our dedicated customer success team is here to guide, advise and support you at every stage of your journey.

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What makes Atlas unique?

Leading the way

Atlas is the only all-in-one platform for knowledge, communication and collaboration built for and on Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva.

Knowledge for the many

Atlas simplifies the challenge of capturing and sharing knowledge across the organisation, whether employees are working remotely, on-site or on the move. 


Atlas is at the forefront of enabling cutting-edge Microsoft Artificial Intelligence tools such as Viva Topics and SharePoint Syntex so as to amplify human expertise.


What Do We Mean by People First?

A company is not a company without its people. The digital workspace is all about those people.

Our vision is for Atlas to be the leading self-service digital workspace for everyone to participate, know and achieve more - regardless of your role, location or abilities. 



We create an inspiring employee experience by opening up new ways to communicate, collaborate and share knowledge.



We empower people by providing tools that allow everyone to intuitively find, share and contribute information and knowledge.



We make it possible for everyone to engage in their digital workspace by removing blockers and reducing the complexity of Microsoft 365.

  • Being able to offer a more inclusive and accessible platform for our diverse user communities has been a fantastic outcome from our collaboration with ClearPeople

    Dominique Schlupkothen, International Executive Officer, CBM

  • The long standing relationship we have with ClearPeople has evolved over the years to what is now a strong collaborative partnership to support the business globally

    Ryan Macnamee, Group Chief Information Officer, Laing O'Rourke

  • ClearPeople's digital workspace expertise and flexible approach successfully delivered multiple intuitive and engaging digital portals to maximise user engagement

    Ali-reza Moschtaghi, group chief enterprise architect, Nando's

  • Atlas helps us overcome communication issues and allows us to provide a long term, scalable solution where our global offices can provide corporate and localised information that is relevant to everyone

    Hannah Powell, Marketing & Communications Officer, Tokio Marine HCC

  • ClearPeople has a unique way of combining deep technical expertise with user experience skills. This balance of design thinking with smart technical solutions makes them great problem solvers

    Bryan Ackermann, Chief information officer, Korn Ferry

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Why Our Clients Choose Atlas

Simplifies the complex

Atlas' human-centred design means daily tasks are simplified, and Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft products become more usable.

Brings everything together

Atlas fills the Microsoft Office 365 gap by bringing everything together in a dashboard customised for each user. 

Improves engagement

With features that enhance both the Microsoft 365 toolset and the overall employee experience, Atlas includes, informs and engages people.

Boosts innovation

New ideas thrive when people feel connected. Atlas not only effectively connects people to people but encourages new ideas through knowledge sharing. 

Improves outcomes

When people are enabled to do their best, the result is better business outcomes - and we thrive on our clients' successes.

Reduces costs

Atlas removes the need for multiple tools and apps, or to support legacy applications. It optimises your Microsoft 365 investment and reduces costs considerably.


All this in a single subscription to Atlas

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