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What is a digital workplace?

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The Digital Workplace

Agile ways of working brought about change to some industries, but the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted and impacted businesses across industries in ways that many had never imagined. It has significantly changed the way we communicate and collaborate and has had a great impact on work culture and cooperation across teams and borders.

The workplace is no longer a physical space employees occupy during regular office hours. We now realize the importance of a connected, instant access digital environment.

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Enter the digital workplace

The digital workplace enables:

  • new, more effective ways of working
  • raises employee engagement and agility
  • employs consumer-oriented styles and technologies to deliver an employee experience that will help attract, engage and retain your people.

Digital Workplace definition

ClearPeople's definition of the digital workplace:
“A collection of digital technologies that optimises the employee experience and provides new and better ways of working.”

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Did you know - Interesting digital workplace statistics

  • Knowledge workers are more productive when working from home according to two studies by Harvard Business Review.
  • 12% of remote workers spend less time drawn into large meetings and 9% more time interacting with customers and external partners.
  • Management Today surveyed 280 senior businesspeople in September 2020 and found that productivity was found to be better now than before.

Benefits of a digital workplace platform

Improve customer experience

Experience is more joined up across the  business, leading to increased customer  satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, customer knowledge stays within the organisation, even if the employee leaves.

Boost productivity

A more productive work environment leads to less time spent answering repetitive questions and duplicating work.

Enhance employee experience

More employees are choosing employers that offer flexible working and provide a more satisfying employee experience. A digital workspace facilitates flexible working and makes employees feel more engaged and satisfied.

Innovative business strategy

Innovation and new ideas. Delivery of insights to propel and inform business decisions. Knowledge creation to fuel competitive advantage.

Gain corporate memory

When an employee leaves, they take with them valuable knowledge about your company, current projects and history. A digital workplace platform helps businesses build, grow and retain their corporate memory.

Reduce costs

The digital workplace is proven to reduce real-estate. According to Global Workplace Analytics, employers can save over $11,000
per half-year.

Infrastructure consolidation

The savings for our clients have been  considerable; from consolidating obsolete infrastructure, to reducing IT involvement in supporting legacy applications. Savings start at hundreds of thousands per year.

Employee retention

The digital workplace contributes to a happy workforce. While it’s difficult to fully calculate the cost of turnover, industry experts often quote 25% of the average employee salary as a conservative estimate.

Increase collaboration

The right tools allow employees to communicate and collaborate more effectively with the right people.

Illustration of the Digital Workplace by ClearPeople

The digital workplace is more than just an intranet

Think about 'macro' and 'micro'. The digital workplace is the macro environment in which all of your digital tools sit. The intranet is a micro environment that sits within the digital workplace. 

Read more in our blog on the difference between an intranet and the digital workplace.

Intranet vs Digital Workplace
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Why choose a digital workplace platform?

It's never been more important to review your digital experience. The current state of creaking intranets and outdated technology has placed a heavy burden on businesses, and holds them back. There's also a global need to provide engaging digital workplace platform that provide an optimal employee experience, which is becoming critical as recruiting and retaining talent in the new world of work becomes more challenging.



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