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Connecting People in Disconnected Times

Many of the organisations that we help, have a plethora of collaboration tools which leads to decreased efficiencies as employees go back and forth between them.

Atlas overcomes these problems by integrating key Microsoft 365 collaboration tools as well as helps collaborators to know what to use when, with our well-designed user experience, add-ons and education.

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Collaboration is the new normal in the workplace and means improved efficiency and increased productivity, but only if you have the right tools for collaboration in the first place.

Microsoft Office 365 may not be the first platform you think of when it comes to collaboration but it is the most used platform.


Improving Collaboration in Teams

While Teams is fast becoming the de facto enterprise tool for collaboration, businesses are pondering how to best manage the sprawl of Teams and how to provide the right Apps within Teams.

Learn more from Microsoft experts and ClearPeople on how to avoid a trend of growing collaboration fatigue and reduction in productivity caused by the data sprawl and the infinite choice of apps.

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2020-10-15 Webinar Recording Teams as a Platform for Productivity -trimmed


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Overcoming workplace silos

  • Provide an information hub: Do you have a platform where people can find the answers to their questions?  
  • Create connections: Teams work better when they have stronger connections. 
  • Communicate more often: Do you have an open stream of communication? Is this integrated in one place? 
  • Get rid of workplace friction: Ensure everyone has access to your workplace tools and that they know how to use it.  

Atlas Collaboration Features

Atlas screenshot Atlas in Teams

Integration with Teams

Atlas apps, tools, webparts and features can be accessed directly in Microsoft Teams including the Home button and Add It, so users can engage and contribute to Atlas directly within Teams Workspaces.

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Document Listings Search

Document Collaboration

Atlas helps organisation improve document management and allow staff to create, share and collaborate easily, driving productivity and saving time.

Document Management >
Atlas Yammer Feed

Yammer Feed

Atlas pages have embedded Yammer feeds for online social business interactions and networking. Atlas can utilise Yammer Likes, Polls, Praise and in page commentary on all Atlas content pages.

Add It 2.0

Add It

Enable simple contribution for everyone. An intuitive feature that allows any user to easily add content anywhere, no technical know-how required.

Make contribution simple >
Atlas - My Connex

My ConneX

My ConneX is a powerful and user-friendly tool that improves the findability of content and the search experience of Teams.

Start easy navigation >
Atlas ConneX - Microsoft Teams screenshot

Atlas ConneX

A powerful tool for Office 365 provisioning and governance and provided with powerful search to easily navigate across all your Atlas workspaces and O365 Groups, all in a single interface.

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What our clients say

  • "ClearPeople partnered closely with Nando’s to address key digital collaboration strategy requirements providing customised branded digital portals via their Atlas framework solution to enhance information sharing and collaboration internationally across the entire group."

    Ali Reza Moschtaghi, Group Enterprise Architect, Nando’s

Screenshot of Atlas Legal Landing Page

Atlas Collaboration & Atlas Extranet

Atlas is the complete collaboration platform across internal teams and external parties. Atlas successfully encourages knowledge-based relationships

More about Atlas Extranet

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