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Collaborative Working with Atlas

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Achieve more together

Atlas digital workplace platform is where collaboration, knowledge and communication meet in one place.

Atlas provides a single digital workplace where you can prioritise tasks, quickly find what you and your team need, solve problems and do your best work.

Use cases for collaborative work

Bid teams

Atlas provides different departments on teams, often working on different systems, a single digital platform to communicate and exchange knowledge on.

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Legal teams

Atlas' underlying security and compliance features mean legal teams can confidently collaborate, knowing that documents they share are safe and secure.

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HR teams

Enabling frictionless collaboration underpins HR goals like supporting hybrid working; engaging staff and fostering efficiency and productivity.

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Project teams

Atlas for Collaborative Work provides project teams with a single workspace housing all the files and tools they need. By making collaboration more effective, Atlas impacts directly on project success.

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Internal Communications

Atlas actively encourages people to participate and contribute user-generated content. By making collaboration so easy, Atlas makes it an integral part of the company culture.

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External collaboration

Atlas provides a secure and user-friendly workspace where you can meet, share files and work with external parties, confident in Atlas' extensive permission and security controls.

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What our clients say

  • "ClearPeople gave us Atlas which will help us overcome collaborative issues and enable us to provide a long term, scalable solution where our global offices can provide both corporate and localised information that is relevant to all business lines."


  • “We’re excited to create a place where people feel a part of the business, can understand or find out information about projects, and can communicate easily.”


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What Atlas does for collaboration

A single hub for teamwork

Atlas makes it easy to find, share and contribute information, and to connect people and knowledge.

Increased innovation

Enabling your people to share ideas and expertise across the organisation increases productivity and innovation.

Greater engagement

People are empowered with both knowledge and connections, increasing their sense of purpose and the value of their work.

The power of collective intelligence

Atlas enables everyone to tap into, and grow, the organisation’s collective knowledge and intelligence.

Includes external users

Atlas Extranet provides a user-friendly, secure workspace where even external users can meet, share files, chat and work with your team.

Supports hybrid work

Atlas adds user-friendliness to the Microsoft tools and technology users are familiar with and enables everyone to participate and contribute regardless of where they are.

Discover Atlas

The best way to see how Atlas works and to see the power of its features, is to watch a demo. No commitment, no expectations – we just want to show you what Atlas can do for your business.

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