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Internal Communications with Atlas

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Connecting people and knowledge through Microsoft 365

Atlas transforms the way organizations manage, share, and discover information and knowledge.

  • Empower every employee to connect with colleagues through personalized content, meaningful connections, and relevant resources.
  • Create collective intelligence by empowering any authorized employee to contribute content without needing technical expertise.  
  • By consolidating and auto-tagging content into a unified platform, employees easily find what they need.
  • Atlas expands the capabilities of Microsoft Teams, transforming it into a unified hub for both internal and external collaboration.
  • Unlock knowledge silos and connect employees to subject experts.
  • Measure adoption and success of your initiative with deep analytics.
ClearBox Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms 2024 Report

2024 ClearBox Intranet Report 

"There was unanimous praise for ClearPeople as a vendor, with customers
calling out their responsiveness, knowledgeable staff, and high levels of
support throughout the deployment process and beyond. Many describe
the value they get from the partnership; “they look out for our business’
best interests

ClearBox Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms Report 2024

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What Atlas does for Internal Communications

Delivers value, fast

Built on the Microsoft 365 infrastructure you already own, Atlas enables rapid deployment and adoption, accelerating time to value and return on investment. 

Advances to a 'knowledge intranet'

Atlas takes your intranet to the next level by adding unmatched search, knowledge, and generative AI capabilities.

Grows your business

Employees work smarter and faster with easy, intuitive access to the knowledge, experts, processes and tools they need.

Improves business outcomes

When employees are enabled to do their best, they are engaged and satisfied, resulting in better business outcomes.

Bridges information silos

Everything your people need in one place. Atlas brings people and information together so the company can leverage shared knowledge.

Engages and retains employees

The collaborative, knowledge-sharing capabilities enabled by Atlas means everyone contributes to business success.

  • Josh Murray

    Group Human Capital & Corporate Affairs Director
    "Atlas for us is the front door to our business. When an employee begins their day, it's the first port of call. It houses all the information they need to get started and the Launchpad to take them into the business critical systems they need throughout the day."
  • Hannah Powell

    Marketing & Communications Officer
    "Atlas helps us overcome communication issues and allows us to provide a long term, scalable solution where our global offices can provide corporate and localised information that is relevant to everyone."
  • Vickie Stevenson

    Head of Digital Transformation
    "By using Atlas, we hope to deliver innovation, showing higher efficiencies, constantly keeping [people] informed. We hope to put a 'buzz' back into the workplace."
  • Sarah-Jane Howitt

    Marketing Director
    "The aim is for Nimbus [Atlas] to be the resource everyone logs on to first thing in the morning and simply knows everything they need to know for that day."

Atlas at a glance


Quick access to relevant business tools in one place.


A powerful way to promote important content dynamically.

Hero Mode

Showcase fresh and relevant content and what's more it is automated. 


Powerful search that is proven to save time.

Beautiful workspaces

Choose from a number of beautiful templates or customize this further. 


Target news by audience, location, relevant workspace and more. 

Alerts & notifications

Ensures important news reaches all employees.

Content management

Best practice Information Architecture and UX makes content management intuitive.


Atlas offers deep reporting and helpful user insights.


We have made accessibility key to the Atlas experience.

Mobile & tablet-friendly

Atlas is optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet including Teams mobile apps.

And many more... 

Read more about Atlas features. 

The future-proof intranet

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