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Getting ready for AI with Atlas

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Secure and effective AI deployments 

Organizations seeking the benefits of AI face key challenges: preparing people and content for AI, verifying AI engines use approved content, and driving employee AI adoption.

Atlas tackles these challenges head-on:

  • Our unique content governance approach readies organizations for Generative AI.
  • We consolidate enterprise data sources, creating and updating knowledge collections for seamless Generative AI interaction with Atlas AI or Microsoft 365 Copilot.
  • Employees access credible knowledge sources through 'AI assistant' experiences, whether via Atlas AI or Microsoft 365 Copilot.
  • Atlas offers continuous governance and analytics for secure, cost-effective Generative AI deployment and operation.

For an in-depth understanding of how Atlas addresses these challenges, download the eBook, "Enterprise AI success starts with your people and your data."

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Get Ready for AI: Preparing for Success with Atlas

Atlas equips organizations with essential tools to prepare data and access control for a secure and safe rollout of Generative AI, including Microsoft 365 Copilot. For example, Atlas automates the assignment of metadata based on contextual factors. Furthermore, with Atlas, organizations can easily retrofit existing Microsoft Teams and SharePoint sites, to bring them into the governed content scope. 

Subsequently, Atlas delivers comprehensive end-to-end control and unmatched visibility. This includes governance over permissions-based AI usage, cost controls, user action logging, prompts, as well as usage analytics.

With Atlas AI, organizations gain the insights needed to implement Generative AI technology and reap its benefits confidently and securely.

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Generate Knowledge Collections with Atlas

Atlas revolutionizes how organizations define authoritative knowledge from diverse content sources. Leveraging organizational data repositories, Atlas dynamically creates and maintains 'Knowledge Collections.' Employees query these collections with Generative AI prompts from Atlas AI, from popular Microsoft 365 apps like SharePoint or Teams, or from Microsoft 365 Copilot. This approach ensures AI prompts are equipped with the most reliable and contextual input, raising the accuracy and dependability of AI-generated content.

Atlas Knowledge Collections represent the gold standard for intelligent knowledge creation.

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Uncover Knowledge with Atlas

Atlas Knowledge Collections are available as plugins for Microsoft 365 applications like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. This integration guarantees convenient access to up-to-date and authoritative sources of information directly from the apps where employees spend their work time.

Atlas vastly increases business productivity by simplifying employee interactions with Generative AI. Atlas provides intuitive prompts and then draws upon Atlas Knowledge Collections to deliver precise and context-aware responses, ensuring authoritative answers for colleagues and customers.

As a result, organizations achieve the sought-after business value from their AI investments.

Key highlights of Atlas for AI

Experience the best of Microsoft Copilot

Atlas is fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and supports all Microsoft 365 Copilot features, whether from Microsoft Teams, SharePoint or other Office apps.

Identify experts

Power-up your People Directory with Subject Matter Experts from Viva Topics. Deliver people cards in context and dive into each profile to understand their subject matter expertise.

AI on your terms

Atlas customers can add their own governed Generative AI interface to the platform experience, connected to their private instance of the OpenAI service via Azure.

Identify and collate content with AI

Atlas provides a unique Microsoft Viva Topics integration, enabling organizations to take advantage of Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Automated tagging

Atlas auto-tags content, making it instantly discoverable and provides full support for AI-Powered document classification and entity extraction with Microsoft Syntex models.

Feed AI your best data

Atlas' strong information and knowledge management capabilities, integrated with Viva Topics, enriches the Microsoft Graph to provide Copilot-enhanced and more reliable content.

Download ebook to learn:

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  • how to get your data AI-ready
  • successfully implement AI technology such as ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot.