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Atlas - Inclusivity and Accessibility


Our Atlas Vision

When ClearPeople created Atlas we wanted our platform to do more than just help people with communication, knowledge and collaboration. We wanted to build a platform that promotes inclusivity.

We believe that everyone, regardless of their role, location or abilities should be equipped with the right tools and information so that they can be effective at work. Importantly, this should all be in one place.

What does it feel like to be included, selected, chosen? It feels good, right? It’s quite the opposite if you’re excluded or marginalised.

Due to people's different set of circumstances, abilities and backgrounds, they may not always be able to participate in what is happening around them. Only by actively engaging different perspectives, can we challenge and stretch our thinking, enrich employee experience and empower people to achieve more.

Inclusion is important to ClearPeople and was at the forefront of our minds when we developed Atlas - the people-first digital workplace for Microsoft 365. The digital workplace is all about those people. Bringing them together, bringing out the best in them and making your organisation shine in the process.

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Atlas Add It

With Atlas, gone are the days of outdated content where only a few people could contribute to your intranet and knowledge areas. More users can add content across different areas without any technical knowledge. This is our contribution to digital meritocracy and Atlas "Add It" feature does exactly that – it enables simple contribution for everyone with an intuitive step-by-step wizard.

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Atlas ConneX

Atlas ConneX is a powerful tool that enables more people  across the organization to easily create the Sites, Teams and Groups that they need, without having to make a request to the IT team each time. 

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Atlas and Accessibility

We have made accessibility one of the key features of our Atlas proposition, driven by our passion for inclusivity and experience with accessible digital solutions.

This experience dates to ClearPeople's inception. When service providers needed to comply with the DDA in 2004, we worked with numerous law firms to make sure their websites were compliant. We were then delighted to work with not-for-profit organisations to ensure that their websites were AA or, in some cases, AAA compliant. 

  • All new features on Atlas are developed to conform with AA compliance
  • Our team of accessibility-trained testers work to achieve WCAG AA 2.1 standards both on desktop as well as mobile devices
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