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Atlas & Inclusivity

What does it feel like to be included, selected, chosen? It feels good, right? It’s quite the opposite if you’re excluded or marginalised.

These extremes are important to ClearPeople and they were at the forefront of our minds when we developed Atlas - the people-first digital workspace for Office 365.

Why the focus on people-first? A company is not a company without its people. The digital workspace is all about those people. Bringing them together, bringing out the best in them and making your company shine in the process.

We want our platform to do more than just help people with communication, knowledge and collaboration - we also want to build a platform that promotes inclusivity. This is not just about the feel-good factor, but it makes business sense.

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Add It

With Atlas, gone are the days of outdated content where only a few people could contribute to your intranet and knowledge areas. More users can add content across different areas without any technical knowledge. This is our contribution to digital meritocracy and our "Add It" feature does exactly that – it enables simple contribution for everyone with an intuitive step-by-step wizard.

Atlas Group Explorer

Group Explorer

This powerful tool is your launchpad to all of your collaboration groups and therefore gives you visibility of what groups you belong to and which ones you can join. This drives inclusiveness across all collaboration areas especially for those who don't collaborate on a daily basis within the digital workspace.

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Atlas Connect

Atlas Connect

Saving the best for last, put simply Atlas Connect is an extremely powerful governance and provisioning tool. It lets a non-technical user create sites with the right permissions and structure within minutes and within Atlas. It’s a game-changer by removing barriers for business users to effectively and flexibly create collaboration and knowledge areas.

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Atlas and Accessibility

We have made accessibility one of the key features of our Atlas proposition, driven by our passion for inclusivity and experience with accessible digital solutions.

This experience dates back to ClearPeople's inception. When service providers needed to comply with the DDA in 2004, we worked with numerous law firms to make sure their websites were compliant. We were then delighted to work with not-for-profit organisations to ensure that their websites were AA or, in some cases, AAA compliant. We also catered for specific use cases when delivering websites for the National Autistic Society and Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

More recently we delivered an engaging and accessible digital workspace that has successfully enabled CBM’s workforce to better communicate and collaborate. CBM aims to bring transformative change to the lives and communities of persons with disabilities living in poverty. Therefore, the solution not only catered for those with disabilities but had to be easily accessible to a large workforce in countries with poor technology infrastructure. It is a digital workspace solution that aims to be inclusive across borders and abilities.

  • All new features on Atlas are developed to conform with AA compliance
  • Our team of accessibility-trained testers work to achieve WCAG AA 2.1 standards both on desktop as well as mobile devices
  • Atlas roadmap includes some great accessibility features and much more

Inclusive and Accessible

In most organisations, only a small set of people contribute and share their knowledge and experience to a wider audience. In other words, only a small fraction of your colleagues contribute knowledge, and they typically represent an even smaller proportion of the organisation’s geographic and demographic spread. Why? Because often only a few understand WHERE and HOW to contribute and more importantly, have the permissions to do so. Atlas Knowledge Centre features changes all this.

Easily search for, connect with and follow experts in your groups or projects so you can find the right people with the right expertise when you need them.

Atlas aims to be inclusive and easily accessible both for contributors and for consumers of knowledge.

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