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We have made accessibility one of the key features of our Atlas proposition, driven by our passion for inclusivity and experience with accessible digital solutions.

This experience dates back to ClearPeople's inception. When service providers needed to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) in 2004, we worked with numerous law firms to make sure their websites were compliant. We were then delighted to work with not-for-profit organisations to ensure that their websites were AA or, in some cases, AAA compliant.

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We also catered for specific use cases when delivering websites for the National Autistic Society and Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

More recently we delivered an engaging and accessible digital workspace that has successfully enabled CBM’s workforce to better communicate and collaborate.

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Accessibility Certification

When Atlas clients have achieved accessibility conformance, they are provided with an accessibility certification seal that can be posted on their digital workspace.

A statement of accessibility and being certified demonstrates our clients’ commitment to accessibility and provides details to users with disabilities that lets them make informed decisions about your organisation.

Atlas Accessibility Features

Atlas Connect High Contrast Mode


'Clear', 'Dark' or 'High Contrast' modes are available in Atlas and across all Teams apps like Connect, Add It and Group Explorer.

Use Case: People with certain vision impairments rely on High Contrast
themes to see apps and content with less eye strain.


Keyboard only

Atlas has enabled the ability to navigate using only the keyboard by TAB keystrokes sequence.

Use Case: Certain users navigate a computer using the keyboard rather than the mouse, as an example, while using a screen reader, working with a Braille keyboard, or other Assistive Technology.

Atlas + Narrator


Atlas is narrator tested.

Use Case: For the blind or those with acute sight limitations, Narrator is a vital tool which will read off the contents of any page, window, or application.


Sentiment analysis

This feature provides the HR team with insight into users’ behaviour especially when it could negatively impact staff members.

Use case: People with mental health disabilities may benefit from sentiment analysis when their feedback is taken into account and gives insight on how to improve.

Microsoft 365 Accessibility Features

Atlas works seamlessly with Microsoft 365 which contains numerous other accessibility features.

Microsoft Accessibility Mobility Features

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Microsoft Accessibility Hearing Features

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Microsoft Accessibility Mental Health Features

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Microsoft Accessibility Cognitive Features

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Microsoft Accessibility Vision Features

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Microsoft Accessibility Speech Features

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Inclusive design

We believe that everyone, regardless of their role, location, or abilities should be equipped with the right tools and information to work more effectively.

Mandatory Reads

Focus Assist

Our Mandatory Reads feature guides users on what they need to focus on and prompts them to complete an important task.

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