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3 intranet success examples

24 September 2020

The world is not what it once was. Everything we need in our modern lives are just a few clicks of a button away. As should be the vast amount of information that organisations produce and hold. Due to increasing importance of data and content management paired with accessibility, companies are seeking ways to unlock the full power of knowledge, communication and collaboration.

Luckily, since the early days of the intranet (1995 to be precise), intranets have evolved into a powerful corporate tool that allows users to access relevant and useful information within seconds. Over 20 years later, one would assume this would be standard across all organisations? Many organisations are still struggling to unlock the true power by having an all-in-one modern intranet.

Need some examples of how companies implemented their intranets successfully?

1. Korn Ferry

Our first intranet example is Korn Ferry.

Korn Ferry is a global organisation consulting firm, synchronising strategy and talent to drive superior performance for their clients.

As a global company, they generate millions of pieces of information on a weekly basis. The problem with their previous system was that this vast amount of data was stored across multiple platforms along with users not having access to these platforms.

The aim was to consolidate all the information from these platforms into an all-in-one intranet called FUSE. Innovative tools such as Atlas and the contribute wizard were part of the new platform which helps users harness data,  insight and knowledge as well as improve communications.

The outcome of having this Intranet was one of Korn Ferry’s greatest digital achievements. Erin Evans, Senior Director of Strategy stated, “The new solution is having a really positive impact on our collaboration internally and on the value, we are able to provide to our clients”. The effects have been noticed internally and have greatly improved customer success.

Read more about Korn Ferry’s intranet success story here.

2. Nando’s

Our next intranet success example is everyone’s favourite restaurant, Nando’s. A global restaurant chain which was founded in Johannesburg, South Africa and are renowned for their peri-peri chicken. 

It is no secret that the retail industry is highly competitive. With trends changing on regular basis, new competitors always entering the market and the high-street being put into question, it is imperative that retailers work efficiently and innovatively to keep up with these changes. 

This was a problem for Nando’s since no one was engaging on their previous digital platform.

So, when coming to ClearPeople for a new intranet development, they asked their employees what they needed to be able to do, see, find and contribute to the business whilst having these answers aligned with Nando’s core values. We knew in turn that this approach aligned with our digital workspace solution. 

Nando’s new intranet platform has resulted in increased engagement across all departments as well as an increase in knowledge sharing and communication.

Ali Reza Moschtaghi, Group Enterprise Architect at Nando’s stated: “ClearPeople partnered closely with Nando's to address key digital collaboration strategy requirements providing customised branded digital portals via their Atlas framework solution to enhance information sharing and collaboration internationally across the entire group”.

Read more about Nando’s intranet success story here.

3. CBM

Another intranet success example is CBM. An organisation that’s part of the centurion club, dedicated to improving the quality of life for disabled people in some of the poorest communities in the world.  

With the ever growing globalisation of CBM, the need to engage its workforce by providing accurate information despite the location is ever so prevalent. This was a problem for CBM as their old intranet was rarely used due to its structure and layouts, making everything on their intranet confusing. On top of this, it was completely inaccessible to users in certain geographies.

They needed something that could be more inclusive and could provide accurate and fresh information.

ClearPeople listened to the pains and wants of CBM. The result? CBM has now reached new heights in terms of user engagement. Whether users are based in an office or out in the field working in the most remote regions of the poorest countries, communications and knowledge sharing has seen a great improvement since implementing their new intranet.

Dominique Schlupkothen, International Executive Officer at CBM was proud to say “Being able to offer a more inclusive and accessible platform for our diverse user communities has been a fantastic outcome from our collaboration with ClearPeople.”

Atlas vision

What does it feel like to be included, selected, chosen? It feels good, right? It’s quite the opposite if you’re excluded or marginalised. These extremes are important to ClearPeople and they were at the forefront of our minds when we developed Atlas - the people-first digital workspace for Office 365.

 Why the focus on people-first? A company is not a company without its people. The digital workspace is all about those people. Bringing them together, bringing out the best in them and making your company shine in the process.

This is not just about the feel-good factor, but it makes business sense.

“Atlas is designed to be used by everyone. Atlas helps to build a culture of inclusivity by ensuring all employees can access their digital workspace from anywhere. By massively simplifying complex processes Atlas enables everybody to contribute information, experiences and knowledge.”Stephen Bedford, Product Director, ClearPeople

“Our goal is to make it much easier and accessible for everyone to contribute their knowledge, and for that knowledge to be made available for everyone, and irrespective of role or location. To us – that is a truly inclusive digital workspace and a superb employee experience.”Gabriel Karawani, Director and Co-Founder, ClearPeople

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