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Creating a collaboration infrastructure that delivers results. Korn Ferry didn’t just want another intranet. They wanted an intelligent workspace with smarter tools that make it easier for employees to get work done and deliver better quality solutions for clients:

  • Bring together new and existing Korn Ferry staff and teams under one digital roof
  • Provide one platform to effectively communicate, collaborate and manage knowledge across the entire organisation
  • Increase efficiencies across key processes and the dissemination of knowledge across the business
  • Ensure consistency in knowledge sharing by connecting the right people with the right knowledge at the right time
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Korn Ferry will continue to accelerate its rapid growth over the next five years, and such an ambitious objective requires a fully informed and productive workforce. Creating an intelligent and engaging ‘One Korn Ferry’ digital workspace was a major priority to help facilitate such rapid growth. The digital workspace needs to evolve and grow alongside it, flexible enough to meet the demands of changing business requirements and objectives.


Secondary to the main intranet platform, but just as important, was the implementation and creation of a number of tools to enhance the digital workspace experience, taking it from “just an intranet” to an “intelligent digital workspace” where the entire business can harness data, insight and expertise.


In terms of quantifying success, Korn Ferry are delighted to answer YES to all these questions:

  • Are people collaborating faster?
  • Are employees spending more time with clients?
  • Can they win more work, faster?
  • Can they deliver projects faster?
  • Can they answer client queries more quickly?

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  • Bryan Ackermann

    Managing Partner
    “ClearPeople has a unique way of combining deep technical expertise with user experience skills. This balance of design thinking with some really smart technical solutions makes them great problem solvers. They were able to take something very complex and deliver a great UX that allows our employees to access information from all sorts of places and in a digestible and simple format.”
  • Erin Evans

    Senior Director Strategy
    "The new solution is having a really positive impact on our collaboration internally and on the value we are able to provide our clients. We are now able to collaborate and explore content across the whole of Office 365, resulting in much higher engagement and awareness across the business."
  • Bryan Ackermann

    Managing Partner
    "Building just another intranet was the easy bit. We wanted something that would be truly different; something that was fully integrated with every business application. What we have got with FUSE is a multidimensional way of communicating and a window to find millions of pieces of information. It is somewhere the entire business can harness data, insight and expertise."


ClearPeople and Korn Ferry win best intranet in Nielsen Norman Awards 2020

Hear more from Erin Evans (Senior Director, Strategy and Collective Intelligence, Korn Ferry) as she explains why they chose to work with ClearPeople to  create a business-critical digital workspace for communication, collaboration and knowledge.

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About Korn Ferry

Korn Ferry is a global organizational consulting firm headquartered in Los Angeles, synchronizing strategy and talent to drive superior performance for their clients.

Korn Ferry helps companies design their organization – the structure, the roles and responsibilities, as well as how they compensate, develop and motivate their people. As importantly they help organizations select and hire the talent needed to execute their strategy.