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4 easy steps to shorten and rename links in Microsoft Teams


Ever sent a link in Microsoft Teams that was so long it took up half your screen?

In this blog:
When a long URL goes on and on, it’s not flexing all the muscle a good short link can bring and it certainly isn’t fun to look at, especially on a mobile device.
Long links are a waste of space and lack any real detail as to what the link is actually pointing to.

By keeping links short and contextual, you’re allowing the recipient of your message and link to cut straight through the noise and gain instant clarity about what you’re saying and linking to. And you’re also restoring peace in the world for those who have OCD. 

Have a look at the difference…




Sharing links in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams give you two options when sharing links to files. First you have to click ‘’Copy Link’’. 

You’ll then see two options for sharing a link: MS Teams and SharePoint. 

What’s the difference? 

Naturally, if you and your colleagues are working within Microsoft Teams and want to continue to do so, you’ll want to share the link that will direct and keep them within the Teams experience. 

If you copy and paste the link under Microsoft Teams, it will take you directly to the file located within Teams (after first bringing you to the Teams browser version and prompting you to open the app to access the file). BUT, that Teams link you just copy and pasted is going to be one of the longest links you’ve seen this decade. It’ll look something like this:  

If you copy and paste the file using SharePoint you’ll get a much cleaner looking link but this will direct users into SharePoint where the file is located, taking you outside the Teams experience. You probably don’t want the person you’re sending the link to to be directed to SharePoint when the rest of your team members, files, conversations and information are all in Teams.


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So, get on with it Jeremy, how do I make that horrifyingly long Microsoft Teams link shorter and nicer to look at so I can keep everyone within MS Teams? Easy…

  1. First things first, copy & paste that really long Microsoft Teams link (not the SharePoint one)
  2. Start a conversation in Teams, then click the Format icon Microsoft Teams format icon located on the bottom left of your Teams conversation box. 
  3. Then click the Insert Link icon Microsoft Teams link icon. From here you can change the name of your link to whatever you want in the Text to Display box – just drop the Microsoft Teams link you copy & pasted earlier into the address box. 
  4. Click insert and you’re good to go! 

Final result 😊 




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