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Why you should disable email notifications in Microsoft Teams

23 July 2021

Since the arrival of the most extended email protocols back in the 1980s our inbox has become the center of everything happening around us and our digital live.

This became overtime nearly a nightmare as hundreds of emails a day could be a huge source of stress to manage (specially for people like me that likes to have 0 notifications pending…). Overtime this started to improve/split across different application notifications (which created a new nightmare to deal with but that’s story for another day…) helping email inbox to stay relevant to your real email messages and enabling you to clear notifications from there.

And that’s exactly why I recommend centralizing notifications for Teams, Yammer and other apps in the Teams activity feed while disabling all (avoidable) email notifications in Teams and Yammer to keep communication channels separate:

  • Email for external and important communications (key company messages, external communications, things that require some level of formality and persistence…)
  • Teams (chats) for day to day collaboration and real time communications.
  • Teams (team thread) for asynchronous collaboration.
  • Yammer for asynchronous collaboration and/or casual conversations including off topic and community driven interactions.

Keep your inbox relevant without too much notifications. Some are unavoidable (e.g. when you receive Teams notifications from another tenant you are not signed in in that moment) but generally speaking there are workarounds to minimize this and keep it focused and neat if the apps and platforms you use have a good notification management.

How do you manage your notifications flow across email and other platforms?

I’m interested in knowing your opinion if you are keen to discuss please drop a comment below

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Guillermo Bas

Guillermo Bas

I enjoy sharing my thoughts as a Product Manager in a Microsoft Teams world. Personally, I like to play in local table tennis leagues on the weekend.

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