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    Tips & tools for improving the Microsoft Teams search experience

    Ever tried to find something on Teams and got nowhere? I think we can all relate. Google or Bing 'Microsoft Teams search' and you'll see a long list with terms like 'Microsoft Teams search not working'.

    Why We Aren’t Waiting for Microsoft Teams Shared Channels

    Last updated 10/10/2022

    When Microsoft announced at MS Ignite in November 2021 that Microsoft Teams Shared Channels would be made generally available in 2022, I realised it was a good time for us to shine the light on Atlas Extranet

    In this fast-paced world, Atlas Extranet is a feature ClearPeople developed and launched in Q1 of 2021. It’s a bit like Cinderella, working reliably in the background, waiting for the grand ball. 

    In this blog:

    What’s the difference between Standard and Private channels in Teams?

    Do you understand the differences between standard and private channels? 

    SharePoint Term Store management and restoring deleted metadata

    Have you ever deleted managed metadata term sets in SharePoint? Do you know the consequence of deleting managed metadata terms sets?

    Why you should disable email notifications in Microsoft Teams

    Since the arrival of the most extended email protocols back in the 1980s our inbox has become the center of everything happening around us and our digital live.

    How to add the new Yammer Communities app in Microsoft Teams

    The new Yammer experience is finally here, and has been made available by Microsoft for desktop users through the Communities app in the Teams store for free.

    Modern SharePoint vs Classic - an info architecture disruption story?

    ClearPeople's Head of Development compares Modern vs Classic SharePoint Information Architecture.