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    We’re all remote workers now!

    Like many people starting a new job, I had ‘first day of school’ nerves for the first few days. I spent time learning about my new workplace and getting to know my colleagues. I looked forward to the lunch breaks to be shared with the team and the getting-to-know-you moments with those who sit near me.

    Our Best Practices When Working from Home

    In the wake of all the changes and uncertainty associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, ClearPeople are working hard to keep our spirits up and our business running as smoothly as possible given the circumstances. We are lucky that the digital workspace is what we do for a living, and we already give most employees the option of working from home up to three days per week as part of our wellbeing and flexibility benefits, so in many ways we were well-prepared for a “new normal”.

    ClearPeople Returners Breakfast

    With International Women’s Day top of mind, ClearPeople recently hosted a “Returner’s Breakfast”, inviting people who had taken an extended career break and are interested in returning to work or starting a business to come together, network, and share their experiences.

    Working the way we know best, despite the disruption of COVID-19

    Even if you have been living under a rock the past 3 months, you would have heard about COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, which is reaching all corners of the globe.  

    Scrum in a Product Led Customer Driven Company

    What a time to be alive! Maybe I’m a bit over the top, but hey. 

    Replacing email notifications with Microsoft Teams messages

    Tired of receiving hundreds of emails with notifications from your different applications? Why don't you replace them with messages posted to specific channels in Microsoft Teams?

    Sending MongoDB Atlas WebHooks notifications to Microsoft Teams

    Do you want to integrate MongoDB Atlas notifications into Microsoft Teams? Here we show you how.

    20 Best Reads Recommended by the ClearPeople team

    As part of our 2020 blog series, our team has put together a list of the 20 best books to read in 2020. 


    20 Ways we Strive to Create a more Diverse and Inclusive Workspace

    A strong diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy can help organisations drive innovative results, yet D&I continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing the technology industry. In efforts to push for cultural inclusion and equality in the workforce, here are some of the ways ClearPeople is putting D&I at the forefront of how we do business.

    20 Things We're Excited About From Microsoft Ignite

    Microsoft Ignite 2019 kicked off in Nov 2019 in Orlando, followed by a series of local Ignite The Tour events into H1 2020. 

    It was in my opinion the most exciting Ignite for a long while.