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    Sending MongoDB Atlas WebHooks notifications to Microsoft Teams

    Do you want to integrate MongoDB Atlas notifications into Microsoft Teams? Here we show you how.

    20 Things We're Excited About From Microsoft Ignite

    Microsoft Ignite 2019 kicked off in Nov 2019 in Orlando, followed by a series of local Ignite The Tour events into H1 2020. 

    It was in my opinion the most exciting Ignite for a long while.

    20 Useful Microsoft Teams Tips to become More Productive

    At the end of last year, ClearPeople ran a “Tips for Teams” series on social media. We have summarised some of the key tips below.

    What teamwork means

    "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

    Microsoft Teams - Tips for IT Project Managers

    Delivering IT projects on time, within budget and where stakeholders needs are met, with Microsoft Teams.

    Microsoft Teams Tips and best practice advice for Human Resources (HR)

    Microsoft Teams is an invaluable tool that can help people in a myriad of jobs.

    Tips for Teams Sales

    Microsoft Teams and the easier sell.

    DPOR is now CPOR - Claiming Partner Of Record

    As our customer you will probably be familiar with DPOR – Digital Partner Of Record – which was the way that we were associated with you, our Enterprise Agreement customers where  we were helping you drive adoption of Office 365. 

    Tips for Teams for Marketing

    Microsoft is retiring Skype for Business Online in 2021. Skype is something we’ve become so familiar with and saying goodbye to such a useful tool can be hard. Ok, so that’s the bad news out of the way. Say hello to Microsoft Teams!

    Microsoft introduces a new commerce experience for Azure

    Introducing a new commerce experience for Azure