Tips for Teams Sales

8 November 2019

Microsoft Teams and the easier sell.

Continuing our blog series focussing on Microsoft Teams ‘Tips for Teams’ we now turn our attention to the hard-working people in Sales. Sales is all about building client relationships, closing deals and growing revenue. Oh and of course helping to retain highly satisfied customers. All of this can be incredibly time consuming, but you already know that. Now, what if Microsoft Teams could give your day-to-day that much needed boost?

Please read on and enjoy these useful Microsoft Tips for Teams.

To start your day properly, you need more than a hearty breakfast - you need to plan your sales strategy and find ways to exceed your quarterly quota. With Microsoft Teams you can do exactly that. You can view notices and feeds from a Dynamics CRM connector, then it’s time to start researching company information using the Power BI dashboard tab. You can also use the WhoBot to find people of interest. Think of the time you’ve already saved, and you’ve not even left the house yet. Time to put the kettle on. 

It’s still early, so before your day really begins to fill up you have time to reach out and have that private chat on Teams and ask your colleague for help with an introduction to that company that could be a good opportunity.. Now it’s all meetings, meetings, meetings. Or is it? With Microsoft Teams you can record meetings - then afterwards you can document the overall vision in the notes section. This is a great way of building a sales strategy, share the info with your team and negate the need to have numerous follow-up meetings.   

In sales it can be very exciting when new opportunities come around, but what is even more exciting is creating a new team in Microsoft Teams and adding the relevant people to help you put together a proposal. Now we’re talking! With Microsoft Teams you’re getting the right people together for the right task and it’s not even lunchtime yet. Oh, and don’t forget to post a link with that meeting recording and notes taken. Better still, create a new OneNote tab in your channel. 

You’re on fire today and all this naturally leads to you creating a new Planner tab and assigning several tasks with owners and due dates. Don’t forget to use the @mention to your team then they’ll get an immediate alert. You then ask for them to review the tasks and share their feedback. 

With all this you’ve just put in place today no wonder you’re excited. Afterall, that new opportunity could lead to a closed deal. Seeing as you’re all about dotting the ’i’ and crossing the ‘t’ why not navigate to the Dynamics tab and update your lead to the opportunity stage in Microsoft Teams and call it a great day.

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