Microsoft Teams - Tips for IT Project Managers

18 November 2019

Delivering IT projects on time, within budget and where stakeholders needs are met, with Microsoft Teams.


We haven’t forgotten about you IT Project Manager! One of the key skills for good project management is the ability to communicate well – and not only with your project team but also with the client and stakeholders. You have so much going on; how do you get organised and still deliver successful projects? What if one tool can help you with this? Let us introduce you to Microsoft Teams and some useful tips!


A new day begins and you’re travelling to work. To make this long commute a productive one, you join the daily stand up call remotely by using the Teams mobile app. During the call, one of your team mates is making notes with call to actions that you can easily read back when you need to.


When you arrive at work, the first thing you do is check your Azure DevOps dashboard tab in Teams to monitor your project’s progress and trends. You’re concerned about the progress of one of your projects and need additional information. You alert the relevant team members with @mentions to get their attention. 


You just grabbed a coffee and are joining the project review meeting in Teams. You start sharing your screen and open the Planner tab where you’re reviewing the key activities by owner and adjust any due dates. You can easily customise your team to make it a great place for people to get work done. 


After lunch you work on your meeting notes and to ensure that you do not forget anything, you replay the Teams cloud-based meeting recording. Your notes with comprehensive updates and actions for the team are shared by @mention to the relevant channel so everyone gets notified. You also check your other channels to keep track of what's going on


While you’re updating the current resource costs for your projects in the Financial app tab, you receive a notification. There’s a new post in the channel from the Azure DevOps connector. A bug has been discovered which needs to be resolved as soon as possible. You @mention the experts for help and to make it clear that this is urgent and cannot be missed, you make it an announcement instead of a normal post.


It’s nearly time to go home, when you receive another notification from Azure DevOps. Good news, the bug has been resolved! To inform everyone related to the project, you prepare your weekly status report and post this into the PMO Teams site and @mention the team. 


This has been a productive day, especially thanks to the team effort and smooth communication between different teams. Interested in more Tips for Teams?

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