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    Microsoft introduces a new commerce experience for Azure

    Introducing a new commerce experience for Azure

    Microsoft has launched the new Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA)

    New Microsoft Customer Agreement as of October 1, 2019

    The role of Microsoft Teams within Marketing

    A company’s marketing department is integral for client engagement and raising brand awareness. The internal communication that the marketing department has with each other and with other departments can contribute massively to their success. This is where Microsoft Teams can assist, Teams allows a leaner line of communication between departments and allows for easier collaboration on cooperative work projects.

    The role of Microsoft Teams within Sales

    Efficiency, coordination and timely results are key to the success of a Sales department. Microsoft Teams helps to improve the sales’ teams productivity through easy access to information along with the necessary tools to nurture leads. This results in quicker and easier collaboration between departments and leads.

    The role of Microsoft Teams within Finance

    A company’s finance department is another area that benefits greatly from Microsoft Teams. A finance department requires collaboration with all other departments to set budgets and manage departmental expenditures. These activities require a versatile platform with collaborative options and an easy communication funnel, something Teams provides.

    The role of Microsoft Teams within HR

    The first in our series of blogs looking at the role Microsoft Teams can play in a company, highlights how it can help the Human Resource department in its daily functions.

    The Future of Microsoft Teams, O365 Groups and Yammer #2

    Discussing the future of Microsoft Teams, Office 365 and Yammer

    Script to set the banner in SharePoint Modern pages

    Our SharePoint Team Lead provides a script to set a banner in 'Modern' SharePoint Pages

    Using Graph API in SharePoint with external users

    Graph API in SharePoint and external users - A Microsoft Approved workaround