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The role of Microsoft Teams within Sales


Efficiency, coordination and timely results are key to the success of a Sales department. Microsoft Teams helps to improve the sales’ teams productivity through easy access to information along with the necessary tools to nurture leads. This results in quicker and easier collaboration between departments and leads.


Ease of communication

By creating channels within Microsoft Teams, the sales department can create groups in which information can easily be shared amongst many members, ideal for keeping the team updated about potential leads and successful deals. Teams can be used on multiple devices both inside and outside the office which allows for communication on the go.


Close collaboration

A sales team can often work on multiple projects or deals in the pipeline at the same time. This can become a time consuming and frustrating task for the individual. With Microsoft Teams, Sales Teams can create specific channels to collaborate with their different work projects. This includes opening up online versions of Microsoft documents such as Word and Excel which can be worked upon by multiple individuals within the channel at the same time.


Share the latest competitor and industry news

Microsoft Teams provides a more accessible platform for information to be spread out amongst many, quickly. Through Microsoft Teams, sales teams can share the latest news about competitor activity or about the industry as a whole. This can give the company an edge over its competitors whilst keeping the whole team informed.


These are just a few examples of how well Microsoft Teams works within a Sales department and how it can contribute to its success. Of course each company is different and maybe Microsoft Teams has been able to help your Sales department in other ways? If that’s the case, contact us to tell us of the improvements it has made to your Sales department. 

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