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Microsoft Teams Tips and best practice advice for Human Resources (HR)

12 November 2019

Microsoft Teams is an invaluable tool that can help people in a myriad of jobs.

As part of our ongoing blog series we will be exploring helpful hints and tips for using Microsoft Teams. This time we’re going to delve into the intricate tasks carried out in Human Resources. So, please read on and imagine your average working day and discover just how much Microsoft Teams could help you.

It’s early, you haven’t even left for the office yet and you’re already thinking about the knock-on effect of possibly rescheduling a large volume of meetings. Luckily, in Microsoft Teams calendar you can not only see your own calendar but also the shared calendars of other departments too! And, you did this using the Teams app on your smartphone.

On your way to work you notice that one of your colleagues won’t be able to conduct that planned interview and they’ve asked if you could do it instead. You were alerted using the @mention in Teams chat. You agree to help and schedule this in your calendar. As you’re doing this, your colleague sends you a thank you message and link to the candidate’s details including their CV and a list of relevant questions they’ve already prepared. 

Finally made it to work. As you sit down at your desk you finish off a note and checklist you were drafting which includes things that employees need to bring with them to the training session you arranged last week. You include links to training resources, a video, and a synopsis of what the training is going to be about. You then save this in the Microsoft Teams Training channel folder you just created and send a link to the attendees inviting them to review this before the end of the day. You update the project board for tracking team tasks in the Planner tab. Then it’s coffee time and a quick catch-up with your team.

During the recruitment planning meeting with the leadership team you mention that Microsoft Teams could be used for video interviews. You give them a demonstration of the high-quality video calling function and talk about how this will make it easier to conduct interviews but that it could also be used for current employee reviews. This would work well for remote working colleagues and means you would have no need to reschedule their review until they returned to the office. Ask their opinion by adding Forms to create surveys and polls. 
After thinking about the time you would save with video interviews, you start to think about other time-saving solutions. You look at all the detailed documents and forms to complete the onboarding of a new employee. Of course, you have your checklist, but conscious that paper-based documents can become outdated or lost altogether you look to incorporate these in file in Microsoft Teams and post interview with prospective candidates. You look at options for sharing these forms and the amount of time this will save you and your colleagues.

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