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The role of Microsoft Teams within Marketing


A company’s marketing department is integral for client engagement and raising brand awareness. The internal communication that the marketing department has with each other and with other departments can contribute massively to their success. This is where Microsoft Teams can assist, Teams allows a leaner line of communication between departments and allows for easier collaboration on cooperative work projects.


Event and campaign projects

Through Microsoft Teams, marketing teams can create specific Teams and channels to coordinate campaign and event activities. The marketing Team will be able to set tasks within Teams which will allow all members to see what projects are currently being worked on. It’s a useful way to keep all members of the team updated on the projects, especially when collaborated with Microsoft Planner which will update the members of all the upcoming deadlines.


Team collaboration

Being able to work on projects in cohesion is important in any marketing team. Microsoft Teams allows files to be edited in real time amongst the Team’s members. This is a useful tool when the marketing team needs to review the results of a campaign or in the creation of marketing content.


Automated reporting

An often long and strenuous task, reporting has provided difficulty to marketing teams for a long time, especially given the fact that it subtracts from other duties. Microsoft Teams allows the user to generate reports from analytic reports through the Teams app. This saves the marketing team from having to manually input their findings.


Third party integration

Marketing teams are potentially use many different apps and software in their day-to-day- operations. Microsoft Teams works with other Microsoft programmes and external, third party apps. There are thousands of third party cloud and security apps that work with Microsoft Teams. As well as the social media feeds that can be added to a Team via Microsoft Connectors.


These are just a few examples of how well Microsoft Teams works within a Marketing department and how it can contribute to its success. Of course each company is different and maybe Microsoft Teams has been able to help your Marketing department in other ways? If that’s the case, contact us to tell us of the improvements it has made to your Marketing department.

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