20 Useful Microsoft Teams Tips to become More Productive

13 January 2020

At the end of last year, ClearPeople ran a “Tips for Teams” series on social media. We have summarised some of the key tips below.


Key tips for Marketing

  1. Check your Activity Feed for notifications that require your actions
  2. Join team meetings on your smartphone
  3. Turn a file into a tab 
  4. Create new channels within your team and invite key team members
  5. Don’t remember where you saved a document? Use the command box to easily find your document

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Key tips for Sales

  1. View notices and feeds from a Dynamics CRM connector
  2. Research company information by using the Power BI dashboard tab
  3. Check out WhoBot to find people of interest
  4. Start a private chat with your colleague
  5. Record your meetings while you’re working in the background

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Key tips for HR

  1. Schedule a large volume of meetings in Microsoft Teams calendar
  2. Alert people by using the @mention in teams
  3. Add Planner to create a project board for tracking team tasks 
  4. As a team owner, add Forms to create surveys and polls 
  5. Run interview over Teams by using the high-quality video calling function 

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Key tips for IT Project Manager

  1. Follow channels to keep track of what’s going on
  2. Run Azure Devops through Teams
  3. Add your favourite tools to your channel with tabs
  4. To share important messages, use Announcements instead of posting a normal message
  5. Customise your team to make it a great place for people to get work done

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