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Tips for Teams for Marketing

23 October 2019

Microsoft is retiring Skype for Business Online in 2021. Skype is something we’ve become so familiar with and saying goodbye to such a useful tool can be hard. Ok, so that’s the bad news out of the way. Say hello to Microsoft Teams!

If you’re unfamiliar with this immensely useful Microsoft tool, then you’ve come to the right place and this is why we’re running a Tips for Teams blog series. You’ll be surprised by how versatile Teams is. We even surprised ourselves while we were researching Teams, and we use it every day! But, to put it in context let’s focus on a job role. Let’s start with Marketing and how Teams can positively impact just one of your busy days.

It’s around 7am and before you even leave your home, you check your Activity Feed for notifications that require your actions, all while you’re making breakfast. Then, stuck in traffic or on the train - you join the Event Planning team meeting on your smartphone and contribute notes that your colleagues can see. Later, in the office you access the latest product launch deck in the File tab in Microsoft Teams and co-edited it in PowerPoint as you enjoy your first cup of coffee. Don't remember where you saved the document? Use the command box to easily find documents. 

Working in Marketing can be so much easier when you’re using Microsoft Teams and here’s how. You can forward your logistics and schedule email to the your ‘Event Planning’ channel, that way, your team can collaborate on the OneDrive-linked Excel worksheet. Oh, then you can create a new Public Relations channel within your team so that they can post links to drive more news releases. They can even invite other key team members to provide their feedback too! 

Oh, no, you checked your calendar and you’re double-booked, don’t worry Microsoft Teams lets you review meeting notes in OneNote then you can watch that latest executive town hall before lunch. 

Social media is incredibly important in Marketing, you don’t need anyone to tell you that, so why not soak up the latest news in a channel with the Social Media connector in Microsoft Teams, that way you can also check hashtags and review feedback. 

It was a good thing that you checked the planner tab in Microsoft Teams. Now you know the assigned tasks and due dates are completed for that event you’ve been talking to your team about. Oh, and what’s this? You just discovered that you can coordinate arrival and departure times for that event by adding something like Kayak bot to Microsoft Teams. That way your team members can search for flights and hotels without needing to contact you. Now you can call it a day and check over all files and conversations to prep for tomorrow’s executive status meeting. 

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