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What teamwork means

25 November 2019

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

Teamwork is a hot topic. Whether you work in a small or larger organisation, you need to work together with your colleagues to get things done. This is easier said than done, it does not always work well – different people mean different personalities, perspectives, interests and more. How do you get the best out of each individual, get them to work together and enable them to do their work in a smooth manner to get the desired outcome?

Complex challenges require productive teamwork

In order for teamwork to work you need healthy team dynamics. You need to understand what these dynamics are and start nurturing them. Your team will be able to be more productive when you have this clear. 

The Art of Teamwork is a framework built around the five attributes of a successful team:

  1. Shared purpose
    Keep teams focused, fulfilled and aligned on achieving their objectives. 
  2. Collective identity
    Foster a sense of belonging and help team members work together as a unit.
  3. Self-awareness and inclusion
    Enable teams to navigate interpersonal dynamics and value everyone’s perspective.
  4. Trust and vulnerability
    Encourage interpersonal risk-taking in teams.
  5. Constructive tension
    Serve as a generative force for new ideas and driving better outcomes.

Art of Teamwork

Source: Microsoft

Want to know the secrets of successful teamwork? Dive into the Art of Teamwork digital guide to teach you and your team how to work better together! 


Atlas is inclusive 

At ClearPeople, we believe that everyone, regardless of their role, location or abilities should be equipped with the right tools and information to be effective at work. Importantly, this should all be in one place.

When we developed Atlas - the people-first digital workspace for Office 365, we wanted our platform to do more than just help people with communication, knowledge and collaboration - we also wanted to build a platform that promotes inclusivity. This is not just about the feel good factor, but it is more fair and it is makes business sense.

Microsoft is working with ClearPeople, as a strategic partner, to provide sponsored workshops and advice to organisations who are at the early stage of the Microsoft Teams journey. Read more about the Microsoft Teamwork Assessment. 

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