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Microsoft 365 Workshops

Funded Workshops

ClearPeople’s partner status as Co-Sell Ready and SSPA compliant allows us to deliver premium and well-structured workshops sponsored by Microsoft.


Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva

Learn how straightforward and rewarding it can be to rebuild your employee experience with Microsoft Viva.

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Microsoft Viva Topics and SharePoint Syntex

Work out a roadmap for connecting people to knowledge. ClearPeople is a Microsoft Preferred Partner and delivered a number of these workshops already.  

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Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva Insights

Building a more resilient organisation while ensuring employees' wellbeing.

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Enable Frontline

Frontline Workers are the backbone of your business. Develop a solution plan tailored for your organisation.

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Transition to Cloud

Enable your team to work from anywhere with this workshop funded by Microsoft.

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Threat Protection

Improve your security posture with the Threat Protection workshop funded by Microsoft.

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Sensitive Data: Data Risk Management

Discover risks from dark data and learn how to address them.

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