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    [SPFx] Extending Gulp and running tasks in series (or in parallel)

    As you may already know, the new SharePoint framework uses Gulp for all the “compilation” tasks: bundle JavaScript files, generate the package file, etc. However, when we have to create our own Gulp tasks, it doesn’t follow the “normal” mechanism of Gulp, so we can’t just add a new “Task” in the “Gulpfile.js”

    Continuous Integration in SharePoint with Team Services and PnP

    In this article, we will see how we can use the PnP framework with Visual Studio Team Services to configure a Continuous Integration Build in SharePoint Projects. The most part of what we will show in this article, works also for SharePoint On Premises, but the different screenshots or pieces of code are aimed at SharePoint Online.

    Custom Extensibility Handlers for PnP Provisioning Framework

    Following the series of articles talking about the PnP Provisioning framework, we will see how to create our own ExtensibilityHandlers, adding our own actions, when exporting a site as a template, or when provisioning a template to a new site.

    PnP Provisioning framework

    An important announcement that is not in the article, but that Vesa Juvonen announced during the bi-weekly team Webcast, is that the PnP program will become part of the SharePoint product group, which means that the program is still Open Source and made by and for the community but, in some way, Microsoft recognises the success and good work of the program, and, in my opinion, the product team will begin to use it internally.