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    3 intranet success examples

    The world is not what it once was. Everything we need in our modern lives are just a few clicks of a button away. As should be the vast amount of information that organisations produce and hold. Due to increasing importance of data and content management paired with accessibility, companies are seeking ways to unlock the full power of knowledge, communication and collaboration.

    Is the intranet dead?

    ‘Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated’ wrote Mark Twain back in 1897. Much the same could probably be said of the intranet. 

    How do I know if my intranet is a success?

    Everyone wants their intranet to be a success. But what does success look like?

    Contribution and collaboration - How to keep the intranet alive

    Engaging employees can be one of the most difficult tasks for organisations. However, employee engagement is fundamental to a company’s success as disengaged employees can adversely affect its performance.

    The Intelligent Workspace - Discovery in a Day Blog

    What did we discover? What did we uncover?