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How do I know if my intranet is a success?

22 March 2019

Everyone wants their intranet to be a success. But what does success look like?


Firstly, define what “success” means for you. An intranet is about providing value for your employees, whether that is providing a platform for easy collaboration, a place where your employees can quickly find the information they need or a place to create content and share their ideas and knowledge. In our whitepaper “The 5C’s of Successful Intranet” we explain what the fundamental purposes of an intranet are. The 5C’s embody the key pillars and experience of a good intranet, so being:

Communicate; Collaborate; Community; Contribute; and Customise

How do you know if the 5C’s, the fundamental pillars that form the foundations of your intranet, are successfully being applied? 

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Jono Hodson

Jono Hodson

I capture and translate complex requirements into working backlogs, wireframing, prototyping and UX design, whilst acting as a conduit between design and development. I can often be found cycling one of my many bikes, skateboarding, producing electronic music and walking in the countryside.

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