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    Exchange Server patch alert - Action if you have Exchange on-prem

    Current risks to multiple different on-premises Microsoft Exchange Servers where zero-day vulnerabilities are being exploited by a nation-state affiliated group. Please note that EXCHANGE ONLINE is not affected.

    Use Authenticator Apps and move away from SMS and voice

    Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) has now been widely accepted and used as a best practice. All your creds are belong to us, is a nice blog that outlines vulnerabilities in credentials other than passwords and highlights the promise of passwordless, cryptographically protected creds like FIDO, Windows Hello, and the Authenticator App.

    Adding Azure DevOps release notifications to Microsoft Teams

    Everyday we spend a number of hours diving in Microsoft Teams. There are a lot of actions that we can perform from there; opening documents, attending meetings, chat with different members of the team, and much more.

    The Remote Internship

    So how has the world of work changed here within QA at ClearPeople since the lockdown in March because of COVID19, and we all had to work remotely?

    Steps to prevent data breaches during COVID-19

    How to Return Furloughed Staff Back to Work

    Brave New World

    “How beauteous mankind is!

    O brave new world

    That has such people in't!”

    Four great Teams apps that you and your team will love

    Last week I made an announcement on LinkedIn about ClearPeople’s webinars and after hitting the “#” sign, two hashtags immediately popped up: #wfh and #meetings.

    How to add the new Yammer Communities app in Microsoft Teams

    The new Yammer experience is finally here, and has been made available by Microsoft for desktop users through the Communities app in the Teams store for free.

    Cool trick to customise your background in Microsoft Teams

    A few days back, Microsoft launched a new feature for Teams called Background Effects which everybody seems to be loving and using.