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    Everything you’ve been wondering about using SharePoint as an Intranet

    Looking for a new intranet and wondering whether to use SharePoint? If you’ve searched up ‘intranet sharepoint’ / 'sharepoint intranet' you’re not alone. With so many companies using Microsoft 365, and with SharePoint included in their M365 license, SharePoint is a logical choice for intranet software. SharePoint isn’t just a default however, it’s also a solid option; just ask the 200,000-plus organizations and 190 million people who use SharePoint for their intranets, team sites and content management.

    And to add to SharePoint’s appeal, Microsoft has added SharePoint Connections to its offerings.

    In this blog post, we'll examine SharePoint in more detail:

    It’s over 20 years since the creation of the first intranets. Technology has changed greatly in that time. The way people work from anywhere, at any time with any device has changed the world of work dramatically. Increasingly, the best intranets are business critical tools that people rely on to aid their work.

    How Custom Metadata in Atlas Works

    Digitizing case law documentation is one thing, but can you actually find anything in those millions of bytes of data? Here’s how custom metadata in Atlas saves time and quite possibly the legal professional’s sanity. 
    Case Law – when previous legal cases constitute a binding precedent where the rationale, judgements, legal principles and interpretations of previous cases are documented so they can be applied to new cases – ensures the same practice and application of the law over time. A famous example from the United States is Roe v Wade, but each political jurisdiction, whether local, regional, or national will have hundreds, if not thousands, of cases lawyers are able to review.  

    With remote working or work from home practices growing, filing cabinets are hardly fit for purpose when it comes to SharePoint document management. So how do legal firms create a SharePoint document management system where previous case law can be collated, stored, and easily accessed online?

    Uploading digitized case law documentation is one thing, but without a powerful search and easy-to-use filtering configuration, that particular case you so urgently need becomes the proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’. An intuitive, user-friendly experience here could be essential to a lawyer finding the right case law document … and winning their case. 

    Why We Aren’t Waiting for Microsoft Teams Shared Channels

    Last updated 10/10/2022

    When Microsoft announced at MS Ignite in November 2021 that Microsoft Teams Shared Channels would be made generally available in 2022, I realised it was a good time for us to shine the light on Atlas Extranet

    In this fast-paced world, Atlas Extranet is a feature ClearPeople developed and launched in Q1 of 2021. It’s a bit like Cinderella, working reliably in the background, waiting for the grand ball. 

    In this blog:

    What Microsoft New Commerce Experience Means For You

    Microsoft is constantly adapting the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program as organisations' business needs change. Recently, Microsoft announced the New Commerce Experience which applies to seat-based offers. (A seat-based offer is a subscription that's offered 'per seat' for one user for cloud services - so it doesn't matter how many devices that person uses.)

    Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience (NCE) is part of a transformational journey that’s changing the way customers transact with Microsoft. It’s a multi-phase, long-term investment in the CSP programme aimed at helping partners accelerate business growth, simplify licensing, and better suit how customers prefer to purchase.

    Microsoft initially added the New Commerce Experience for Microsoft Azure in 2019, and as of October 2021 included seat-based offers in CSP for Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Windows 365, and Power Platform.
    NCE will change how you purchase Microsoft online services such as Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Windows 365. The goal is to reduce complexity and provide cost savings for longer term commitments, while introducing additional features to make CSP comparable to the legacy Enterprise Agreement (EA).

    What is corporate memory? And how do you combat corporate memory loss?

    Preventing corporate memory loss in your business will contribute enormously to your people feeling like they’re part of a team and knowing what’s expected of them. In the ‘age of the employee’ it’s the secret ingredient to company success. 

    Microsoft Viva Learning - Features and Licensing

    MS Viva Learning is available as an app within Teams. Organisations and their users can access Viva Learning's features either through a 'seeded' or 'premium' license.

    Microsoft Viva Learning Explained

    Excited about Microsoft Viva Learning?

    You may have seen Microsoft's announcements about Viva Learning or perhaps you're simply wondering what Viva Learning is?

    Troubleshooting Search Issues with Result Source in SharePoint

    One of the most powerful features of SharePoint is the Search Rest API. It allows us to obtain, filter and personalize information that’s useful to a user and allows us to create pages of content of interest for them. 

    How to make hybrid working successful

    Hybrid working is no longer wishful thinking, a trend or a prophecy: hybrid working is happening and companies have to find ways to make it work for them and their people.

    Intranet vs digital workplace solutions

    What's the difference between intranet and digital workplace solutions? And which is the best solution for your business?