Posts by Jorge Garcia:

Export data to CSV with Typescript without format issues

On many occasions, users need to export the information shown in a table or list on our website and without a doubt, it is our responsibility to facilitate this task. And what better way than allowing to export the information to CSV with a single click.

Xamarin.Forms: How to create a ContentView with expandable functionality?

Everybody loves the Expandable components. This kind of component (sometimes named accordion) is intuitive and allows you to create clean views. But unfortunately, Xamarin Forms does not have a layout that allows to you create expandable components. Obviously, there are third party tool that supply this, but why don't create it yourself?

Distributing iOS Enterprise Apps built with Xamarin

The enterprise distribution program of Apple (In-House) is a fantastic way to create business mobile applications and distribute it based on business needs (on demand). However, the documentation about how to distribute the app through this method is scarce, especially if you've created it with Xamarin instead of Xcode.