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Atlas makes remote work engaging

Atlas for remote working on Office 365

Leading and working remotely

The shift to remote work has introduced new questions for the business and its employees and it is not going away anytime soon.

The challenges are felt across the organisation: for managers, establishing regular communication and accountability with teams via online communication can be difficult, while employees may struggle to feel engaged given how much their jobs and working environment have changed. 

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Working remotely with Microsoft Teams

Get up to speed on all things Microsoft Teams and remote working. In this training session you'll learn more about the concept of project managing within Microsoft Teams and how to create teams. 

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Atlas makes remote work easy

Atlas provides the right tools to support work from home. One place where you can easily communicate, collaborate and share knowledge on the Microsoft 365 platform.

What makes Atlas special for remote work


Benefit to the customer for using your company, this could be a service or any other thing which results in improvement for the customer.

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How do you know what success looks like across Teams, SharePoint, Yammer, and more? Maximise the ROI of Microsoft 365 with Atlas and powerful analytics.

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We believe that everyone, regardless of their role, location or abilities should be equipped with the right tools and information so that they can be successful at work.

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Measuring the impact of a rapid shift to remote work

White paper: Remote working best practice

Like many others, you may have been forced to shift to remote work.
This sudden change has been raising questions for the business and its employees, such as:

  • How are collaboration activities changing?
  • What are the impacts of work-life integration?
  • Are employees engaged and connected?
  • How can work effectiveness be improved?
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What our clients say

  • Stuart Whittle, Business Services and Innovations Director, Weightmans

    “We weren’t quite sure what the possibilities were with this kind of tech transformation, and I am pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy the Atlas platform is in refining searches and enabling me to find the information I need within seconds. A lot of that has come from the workshops we’ve had with ClearPeople.”
  • Vickie Stevenson, Head of Digital Transformation, Osborne

    “The construction industry is ripe for transformation, being able to put knowledge, as required, into the hands of people (in the office, on site, at home) is crucial”

How does a successful remote workspace look like?

There are much more features that make your digital workspace a success. Take a look at all features for Atlas Digital Workplace.



People Directory

Mandatory Read


Powerful Search

Department Workspaces



Knowledge Sharing

Communication Workspaces

Feedback Forms

ClearPeople make the complicated simple

Atlas is for the many

Most knowledge management systems are designed so those who know how, can contribute. Atlas on the other hand, enables everyone across the organisation to easily share and find information.

ClearPeople are experts in the Digital Workspace

Work is something you do, not a destination

Those who work from home or even the office, should have an easier time "getting to work". Atlas provides employees easy access to the tools and information they need to get their work done and importantly this is accessible from one place. 

Enhance remote working with Atlas

Studies suggest that remote work helps workers focus on the work that really matters. For example, 12% spend less time drawn into large meetings and 9% more time interacting with customers and external partners.

Find out what Atlas can do for your remote workforce. Book a demo now.

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