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Maximize the ROI of your intranet and Microsoft 365 with Atlas Analytics

Traditional usage analytics only tell part of the story. You need deep insights into adoption patterns to ensure your goals and KPI's are being met and if not, what to do about it.

And if you are hitting your goals then you need to be able to shout about it and have some great looking reports to go with it! Atlas Analytics provides the insights you need.

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Gain deep insight and measure results

We partner with tyGraph to provide an award-winning suite of reporting and analytics tools for Atlas and Microsoft 365.

Provided within Power BI and available within Atlas pages.

You've invested in Microsoft 365, but how do you know what success looks like across Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and more?

Tell stories about your data

Modern analytics can be used to dynamically surface success stories by matching patterns in data.

Recognise key influencers

Recognising key influencers and subject matter experts you may not have known you had will accelerate your project success.

Insight for innovation

Your data gives you the ability to see the connections, actions, and productivity of your people, allowing you to make better decisions and drive innovation.

The benefits of using Atlas Analytics

Work smarter

Gain insight into content that is and isn’t being used and adjust your approach accordingly.

Shine a light on your organisation

See how your people really network together.

Measure the impact of internal communications 

Atlas Analytics lets you visualize how your message is moving through your organization, including its reach, reactions and which channels people are engaging with. This allows internal comms to refine their strategies to increase engagement. 

Optimize adoption and transformation initiatives

Maximize adoption by tracking engagement across applications, identify users who aren't onboard or who have regressed and act to re-engage them.

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"Atlas transforms [Microsoft’s analytics and reporting capabilities] to embrace KPIs, making it as much about business management as about IT admin."

- Deep Analysis Report 2023

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Features of Atlas Analytics


Instant summary of adoption trends. You can see how many users are enabled, how many people are actively using Microsoft 365 and more.


See trends and usage of OneDrive or SharePoint to store documents and for collaboration. You can also see how many documents are shared internally or externally.


Use the reports in this section to learn how people in your organisation are using Microsoft 365, with volume of active users and the key activities for each product.


Observe shifts in the ways your people use communication tools.


Track which devices people use to connect to email, Teams, SharePoint etc.

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Atlas offers even more analytics options

If you want to go further with analytics, we won't hold you back. The Atlas Digital Workplace platform has options for advanced analytics that can be implemented in hours and work alongside the usual analytics reports, delivering more insights.

Discover Analytics with Atlas

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