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The Intelligent Knowledge Platform for Microsoft 365

Atlas empowers employees and customers to quickly find expert answers from Microsoft 365 and other enterprise systems. Think of it as the AI-powered "Wikipedia for your enterprise.”
Atlas transforms your business' unstructured data into a centralized, searchable knowledge hub, that employees tap into from a single, intuitive Microsoft 365 experience.
Unlock business growth and productivity with Atlas, leveraging your existing Microsoft 365 investment.
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Atlas powers leading organizations in over 100 countries worldwide

Our customers achieve more

$1.5 million annual savings

on time spent looking for information

30% reduction

on mundane and repetitive tasks

At least $150K savings

by consolidating operating costs

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Atlas highly rated in ClearBox report 

Atlas listed as a top vendor:

"Atlas is [more] than just an intranet.... Atlas offers some very valuable tools that set it apart from the competition."
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What our clients say

  • Chief Information Officer

    “I am pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy the Atlas platform is in refining searches and enabling me to find the information I need within seconds” .
  • Head of Technology

    “We see staff being more engaged through Atlas, which we [can] track by seeing that they are better equipped and able to deal with any and all challenges."
  • Productivity Consultant

    "I’m very excited because, for the first time we’ve got insight into all the content that we’ve got and we can do some very interesting things with it."
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"Atlas is intriguingly differentiated from the pack... while most KM systems focus on a small subset of highly curated knowledge assets (the knowledge base), Atlas extends this to a more comprehensive range of contextualized and auto-curated assets."

Deep Analysis Report 2023

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