Do more with less

Atlas solves the problem that all workers face - "I can't find stuff". 

Atlas is a powerful knowledge productivity platform that connects Microsoft 365 and other applications into one single pane of glass for employees.


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Faster sales cycle

Atlas quickly connects your employees and trusted partners to the right information.


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Embrace digital working

Achieve more without friction. Atlas makes digital transformation a natural process. 


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Do more

Sell More

Achieve more

Atlas by ClearPeople is an all-in-one platform for knowledge, communication and collaboration on Microsoft 365.

Atlas Connects People and Knowledge in Disconnected Times

Connecting people to knowledge and people to people is even more crucial to business success in the new model of distributed work.

Atlas is an all-in-one platform for knowledge, communication and collaboration that simplifies and enhances the experience of Microsoft 365.


As a multi award-winning Microsoft Gold partner we have created Atlas to deliver a people-first digital workspace solution that empowers and engages people, wherever they may be. 

You have already invested in Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive and Yammer and now you want to see real results. 

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Do More

Atlas: do more with less – often promised, rarely delivered. Until now

Everyone is being asked to do more with less. Atlas provides relevant information quickly, improving productivity for search and gathering by at least 30%. Measurable time-savings and improved outcomes. Every time.

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Sell More

Atlas: informed customers means faster sales cycles

Your customers need accurate information quickly. If you could do this 20% faster - what is that worth to you?

Atlas quickly connects your employees and trusted partners to the right information so your customers can make informed buying decisions faster. Every time.

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Achieve More

Atlas: embrace digital working to achieve more without friction

Atlas makes digital transformation a more natural process. Accelerate and target communication, manage and deliver major reforms at the first attempt. Every time.

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Atlas is loved worldwide by employees in over 100 countries and counting...

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Why Atlas?

Everything in its place

Atlas is the one place that employees go to start and end their day, bringing the tools they need and the knowledge they demand to ensure business success in a world of challenging budgets, remote working and distracted customers.

Break down silos

Time spent trying to fathom processes and find sources of knowledge distracts everyone from  delivering value to your customers. An open, connected structure allows information to flow freely but securely and increases organisational transparency.

Better Outcomes

Businesses that embrace inclusivity are proven to deliver better outcomes. Enable every employee to do their best, keep them engaged and they will be more productive. Atlas is accessible from anywhere, on a range of devices and is AA-compliant.

Bottomline savings

Let us show you the results we’ve gained from successful clients across industry sectors. Atlas delivers the right information measurably faster than if using Microsoft 365 alone.