Atlas for Frontline Workforce

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We focus on people to overcome the complexities of technology

Over 85% of the total global workforce comprises frontline workers.

Apart from being the majority of the workforce, frontline workers are often your company’s first line of contact with customers, so they’re vital to creating a great customer experience. But they often feel disconnected from their organisation because digital engagement is challenging.

Atlas brings together important communication, resources and knowledge for your frontline workers on any device and wherever they may be.​

First with customers

They define the customer experience 

First with products

They're at the heart of your organisation

First to represent your brand

They're the face of your business


A digital platform: from crisis-communication to supporting more than 8,000 colleagues to return to work post-furlough.

"We needed to develop from a business who did not utilise digital systems in the frontline, to having to be ready overnight.” Phil White, Head of IT, Places Leisure


Supporting your Frontline Workers

Help them to make their lives easier with the right tools within Microsoft Teams. Teams is the front door that not only gives you access to what you need and looking for, but also stuff what you don't think you need, creating a simplistic view with access to all information.

Watch the full webinar with Hasan Javed (UK Firstline Worker Lead, Microsoft) to learn more about features like Shift schedule, Time dock, Planner and Stock tracking. 

Watch webinar

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Deliver critical information to your frontline workers and empower them to make the right decisions

Atlas is developed on top of the powerful Microsoft 365 platform to enhance the experience for frontline workers. How?

By providing one place for employees to find the right information and get their work done. Atlas provides an intuitive and user friendly interface from their mobile or preferred device. 

Not only is the experience easy and engaging but we have developed smart ways to surface the right information to right person at the right time.

To truly understand the power of Atlas, you will need to see it in action.

Reach the right people

Engage your team

Real-time communication

Why Atlas for frontline?



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Empowering Frontline Workers to achieve more

Optimise internal communication: Connect with every employee in your organisation with clear and measurable internal communication. Atlas makes cross organisational internal communications more simple.

Mitigate health and safety risks by providing critical information in a visual and interactive way.

Boost productivity: Provide instant access to critical information in seconds. The average frontline workers wastes at least 3 hours per week searching for the right information. 

Break down silos: Atlas enables a connected structure where information flows freely but securely to increase organisational transparency.

Connect knowledge, systems, data and apps all on one platform. 

Learn more about how Atlas has had a positive impact for frontline workers.

Read Success Stories

Designed for Frontline Workers

Communicate more effectively

Get your team on the same page with Atlas digital workspace.

Connect. Plan. Get work done

Work efficiently with shifts, tasks, and teams- together in one place.

Automate Business Processes

Streamline, automate, and transform processes.

Customise and Extend

Integrate your third party and line of business apps in one single experience.

Protect your workforce

Help secure business data on personal, shared and company owned devices.

A smart investment

Extend one secure solution to all levels of the organisation with Microsoft 365.

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