Reduce health and safety incidents

Higher Risk

Same Old

Manual process via information boards and long documents with low engagement.

  • Health & Safety (H&S) information is only accessible via paper or notice boards on site.
  • Long, tough-to-digest documents.
  • No ability to provide specific H&S information to specific roles digitally.
  • No way to track what H&S advice employees have read.


After - Lower Risk

Atlas Advantage

Easy to understand H&S information available more efficiently on any device with tracking.

  • H&S information is available on any device.
  • Information is understandable and accessible to all employees.
  • Less time and resources wasted trying to get the right message to the right people.
  • Health and Safety incidents are reduced.


How Atlas helps reduce health and safety incidents?

Atlas is a single source of truth for all your health and safety information.

Access anywhere

Provide access to health and safety information on any device and the location where it is most needed.

Relevant information

Atlas provides targeted and relevant H&S information to the user in the context of their work.

Cater for all abilities

Turn any picture into an educational, interactive image with Atlas HoverPoint. 

Acknowledge information

Atlas Mandatory Read ensures that critical safety information is shared and read.

Urgent notifications

Keep everyone up-to-date with the latest news or urgent safety alerts.

Capture knowledge 

Enable employees to capture and share structured and searchable knowledge.

HubSpot Video


Engaging Frontline Staff

Phil White, Head of Technology at Places for People Leisure, explains how their employees were provided with important need to know and need to do information when they returned to work.

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