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Supercharge productivity through seamless access to all your corporate content


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Seemlessly access content across your core platforms all from a single interface.

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Event summary:

Picture your fee earners and customer-facing teams operating at peak productivity, effortlessly accessing content across your core platforms (including iManage and NetDocuments) all from a single interface.

This is the new reality for forward-thinking professional service firms, giving them a decisive competitive edge. Imagine search results instantly aggregating client, project, or matter-related content from various sources, resulting in superior client interactions and lightning-fast task completion.

Curious to see how it's done? Join our eye-opening webinar, where Upland BA Insight and ClearPeople experts will take you through these game-changing topics:

  • Seamlessly integrating documents into your intranet/knowledge management platform: Unlock the power of streamlined access to critical documents, saving time and boosting workflow efficiency.
  • Empowering AI to supercharge content: Discover how AI-driven tools can elevate content quality and turbocharge decision-making.
  • Achieving a 360-degree view of client content: Witness the benefits of consolidating content from diverse sources, leading to top-tier client interactions and swift task fulfillment.

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Speakers at this webinar

Jason McCullagh, Product Director (Upland BA Insight)

Jason McCullagh

I am passionate about helping varying sized companies, from all over the world, realize the power and benefits that the SharePoint , Office 365, Amazon Kendra, Elasticsearch and Azure Cognitive platforms can bring to an organization – my particular focus is on delivering world class Enterprise Search/Intranet implementations. 

Stephen Bedford, Product Director (ClearPeople)


Stephen is Product Director and responsible for the day-to-day development of Atlas. He has decades of experience in the development of digital workspaces that are relevant, security trimmed sources of information which enable people to contribute knowledge with governance built-in.


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