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Do you sometimes feel like a pilot has an easier time navigating his way around a Boeing 747 cockpit than you do trying to navigate your digital tools?

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You’re not the only one. Trying to ‘find stuff’ whilst circumnavigating a barrage of notifications is a growing dilemma faced amongst a lot of hybrid workers.

A solution:
Atlas is a proven solution to help users "find stuff" and it is only one click away.

Join us on a short but demo-packed webinar to learn why so many organisations are using Atlas:

  1. Learn best practices when connecting, contributing, sharing and learning from colleagues - anywhere and from any device
  2. Filter out the noise and receive what matters most - the people, places and content that are MOST relevant to me and the job I am hired to do.
  3. Receive smart recommendations to discover things you didn't know before
  4. Easily target communication and knowledge to specific groups of people without emailing them
  5. Get an answer to help a customer as quickly as possible

Speakers at this webinar

Gabriel Karawani

Gabriel Karawani, Co-Founder (ClearPeople)

Gabriel is Co-Founder of ClearPeople and responsible for the overall technical vision as well as the Atlas product vision. He is the primary driver behind ClearPeople's partnership with Microsoft, having led the company's direction and drive to becoming a top-tier managed partner.

Gabriel has been the executive lead on a number of large-scale client engagements that have led to prominent UK and global awards, including Most Innovative Cloud Solution award for The Crown Estate and the Nielsen Norman Group Best Intranet award for Korn Ferry. Gabriel has a MSc degree in Engineering and has worked in the field of IT and software development since 1993.

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