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Transform productivity with Atlas Digital Workspace

Remote working?  An ever-expanding set of digital tools to work with?  Information silos proliferating? 

Our clients use Atlas as a natural starting point for transforming their organisational productivity. 

A digital workplace is crucial for digital transformation. We promote an “inside out” transformation that revolutionises the way your company operates internally and that in turn underpins wider transformation of customer and supplier relationships. 

In times like these, when gradual evolution is no longer an option, having a digital workspace accelerates your ability to communicate, manage and monitor major reforms.  Reinforce what goes well and quickly understand and adapt what is less successful. 

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Did you know?

Forty-five percent of companies reporting a positive business impact of digital transformation also reported higher net revenue growth. Deloitte

While 52 percent of companies plan to cut or defer investments because of COVID-19, just nine percent will make those cuts in digital transformation. PwC

Achieve More Quickly

Osborne Case Study - 001 - Atlas focus-1


Vickie highlights that the construction industry is far behind in its use of digital technology, and that Osborne has an opportunity to utilise new technologies in order to improve efficiency in how work is delivered and how people interact with each other. 

That is why Osborne chose to start its strategic digital transformation journey with Office 365 and Atlas. Allowing them to leap frog ahead.


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Our manifesto for transforming productivity


Work is something you do, not a destination

Those who work from home or even the office, should have an easier time "getting to work". Atlas provides employees easy access to the tools and information they need to get their work done and importantly this is accessible from one place. 


Everyone should be able to learn and grow

Atlas' smart tools prompt users to learn more as well as continually contribute valuable knowledge. We have purposefully built a platform that promotes inclusivity.

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Engaging with the digital workspace should be easy

A digital workspace should intentionally be created with employees in mind, so the digital transformation effort does not feel forced. Atlas is built by, and for, employees. Not only does it look lovely, it overcomes complex tasks in a simple and intuitive way. 

ClearPeople White Paper Accelerating digital transformation from within

Accelerating digital transformation from within

It is proven that digitally advanced organisations have weathered COVID-19 the best.

There is staggering evidence that we must be creative with technology to improve the efficiency and productivity of the workforce.

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Transform productivity with Atlas

Are you missing opportunities by not moving to more modern solutions?

We would love to discuss Atlas in more detail with you.


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