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Atlas enables organisations to use AI in a safe, governed way.

Get AI-Powered today for tomorrow's ambitions

Organizations recognize the potential AI presents, but concerns about governance, data quality and reputational risks are holding them back.

Atlas changes that, allowing innovative companies to rapidly take advantage of AI capabilities in a safe, governed and efficient way. 

Embrace the future today with Atlas!

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AI is as dumb as your worst data

Poor data and a confusing user experience can cause AI to do more harm than good.

New concerns exist around AI governance, shadow AI, data quality, audit trails, and data provenance, to name just a few.

Despite the concerns, forward-thinking companies are already benefiting by leveraging AI. This is precisely why our clients choose Atlas — to proactively stay ahead of the curve and manage the evolving business and AI landscape.

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Key highlights of Atlas' AI-Powered capabilities

Experience the best of Microsoft Copilot

Atlas is fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and supports all Microsoft 365 Copilot features within the platform whether in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint or other Office apps.

Identify experts

Power-up your People Directory with Subject Matter Experts from Viva Topics. Deliver people cards in context and dive into each profile to understand their subject matter expertise.

AI on your terms

Atlas customers have the option to add their own governed ChatGPT interface to the platform experience, connected to their private instance of the OpenAI service via Azure.

Identify and collate content with AI

Atlas provides a unique Microsoft Viva Topics integration, enabling organizations to take advantage of Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Automated tagging

Atlas auto-tags content, making it instantly discoverable and provides full support for AI-Powered document classification and entity extraction with Microsoft Syntex models.

Feed AI your best data

Atlas' strong information and knowledge management capabilities, integrated with Viva Topics, enriches the Microsoft Graph to provide Copilot-enhanced and more reliable content.

Atlas makes AI capabilities go even further.

AI capabilities are here today

Our customers recognize the immense possibilities that Atlas unlocks. These possibilities extend even further with the following Atlas capabilities:

  • Out-of-the-box Microsoft 365 Copilot features fully supported within the Atlas platform experience.

  • Bespoke ChatGPT interface for your employees to safely engage with AI (with your own Azure OpenAI service) while adhering to your organizational policies.

  • Support for Microsoft Viva Topics leveraging Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

  • Support for Microsoft Syntex Document Understanding leveraging Machine Trained models and entity extractors.
  • Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms Report 2023

    "Atlas excels when it comes to organizing and retrieving information. It makes extensive use of metadata and filters, and when combined with Viva Topics adds a powerful yet pleasing experience of interactive cards appearing with a mouse-over gesture."
  • Craig Stanley

    Productivity and Collaboration Consultant
    "With SharePoint Syntex and Microsoft Viva Topics, we’ve found a way now, at scale, to bring together all our information and people, identify those sorts of experts inside our business and also identify and manage information into more manageable topics."
  • Kevin Brown

    IT Director
    "We now have a place where people can collaborate digitally. We really wanted to remove the firm-wide reliance on network shares, duplications and out-of-date documents. Our aim was to help our people to manage their documents more effectively so that they retain their relevance and are accessible within our teams."

eBook: What you need to know about Enterprise AI

Getting ready for ChatGPT and Microsoft 365 Copilot.

According to a recent global McKinsey survey, 40% of businesses will increase investment in AI. However, very few companies are prepared for widespread use of AI.

Download this eBook to:What you need to know about Enterprise AI eBook Cover 3D
  • Learn everything you need to know about Enterprise AI.
  • Get ready for the latest AI technology such as ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot.

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