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Atlas makes finding and sharing knowledge so much simpler and intuitive. We enhance SharePoint with knowledge management tools that capture knowledge, a centralised knowledge base and a powerful search experience.
For organisations that are already committed to Microsoft SharePoint as their preferred knowledge management technology, it makes a lot of sense to look no further. SharePoint offers an excellent platform to build industry-leading knowledge management systems and ClearPeople has developed a number of additional tools to enhance the experience.

If any sector that has led the way in terms of knowledge management - it is the legal sector. We are fortunate to have been working with this sector for over 15 years and one of our first projects was delivering a knowledge management portal on what was called WSS (early SharePoint).  We have taken our extensive knowledge management experience and learnings and applied this to Atlas. 
Atlas connects the right people with the right information. 

Atlas makes it easy for information stored in Office 365 to flow dynamically across teams and departments using smart personalisation and tagging features. This is especially important for the growing need of remote working and employee flexibility.

Atlas puts knowledge, expertise and thought-leadership content at everyone’s fingertips with some of the below features:
Add It

 Add It

Any user can add any content without any technical knowledge. "Add It" enables simple contribution (of course with the right permission to do so) with an intuitive step-by-step "wizard".

Knowledge Centres

Atlas Knowledge Centres are designed on top of Office 365 to accommodate large data sets and advanced data classification features.
Atlas Knowledge Centers / Centres
Latest knowledge
Latest Knowledge
The knowledge carousel displays the most recently added knowledge pages in relation to the relevant knowledge taxonomy.


Atlas does more than just help people 

with knowledge. Atlas promotes inclusivity by equipping users with the rights tools and information so that they can be more effective at work.

See Atlas in action
Our demos are personalised and without obligation. You may even learn something new!

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