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Atlas Digital Workplace Platform

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Nothing else comes close to the power of Atlas

Atlas is more than just an answer to today's information chaos, particularly in Microsoft Teams. It is a game-changer that places people at the center of their digital work experience.

With Atlas, you can conquer the challenge of information overload and empower teams to thrive.

Atlas has been highly rated in the ClearBox 2023 Intranet report: "Atlas is legitimately pitched as being a ‘digital workplace’ platform, rather than just an intranet....Atlas offers some very valuable tools that set it apart from the competition."

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One seamless experience

Give employees a unified platform that not only brings fragmented information and workplace apps together, but also sets people up for success.

Atlas Intranet


The game-changing intranet solution that powers collaboration, knowledge and employee engagement.

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Atlas for Knowledge Management


Nothing else comes close to the power and flexibility of Atlas for knowledge, information and document management in Microsoft 365.

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Atlas for Collaboration


With instant and frictionless access to the right people, expertise and answers, people achieve more together with Atlas.

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Atlas for Governance and Provisioning

Governance & Provisioning

Atlas is a powerful governance tool for creating, managing and maintaining feature rich workspaces across your Microsoft 365 tenant.

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Atlas and AI


Say goodbye to concerns about governance, data quality, and reputational risks. Atlas helps you take advantage of AI, safely and efficiently.

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Atlas for integrations and APIs

Integrations & APIs

Atlas is designed to become the central hub, seamlessly integrate with the tools and applications your organization already uses. 

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Innovative features that make Atlas stand-out

Atlas ConneX

Atlas ConneX is a powerful governance tool for the creation, management and maintenance of communication, knowledge and collaboration workspaces across your Atlas and Microsoft 365 estate including Teams.

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Atlas ConneX Studio

Connex Studio is an additional Atlas tool that enables enterprises to create custom line of business templates to support engaging, consistent communication, knowledge and collaboration workspaces for teams and groups within their organization.

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Atlas Add It

Gone are the days of an outdated intranet where only a handful of people can administer it. Any user can add any content anywhere without any technical knowledge. It enables simple contribution with an intuitive step-by-step "wizard".

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Atlas In Focus

In Focus is a suite of web parts, deployed across the platform. They display and enable all users to discover news, events, knowledge pages, documents and people.

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Atlas In Focus Everywhere

In Focus Everywhere is a suite of web parts that work together to bring the next generation of search experiences to your Digital Workplace.

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Atlas HoverPoint

Unleash the power of imagery to inform and share key information in an engaging and interactive way.

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Atlas Mandatory Reads

It is essential that work is compliant and employees are informed of critical business information and processes. Atlas Mandatory Reads delivers important information to specified users or groups. 

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Atlas Search

Atlas Search provides an enterprise search experience that uses AI, machine learning and automation to deliver more relevant search results.

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Discover Atlas

The best way to see how Atlas works and to see the power of its features, is to watch a demo. No commitment, no expectations – we just want to show you what Atlas can do for your business.

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