Overview of Atlas By Role

Employees require one place to access company information, the people they work with and their daily working tools. Atlas does this and more.

Atlas Use Cases

Atlas for HR

With Atlas you can ensure each new employee is given the same onboarding experience, no documents are overlooked, and proper training takes place.

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Atlas for IT

Looking to consolidate multiple technology tools into one platform, seamlessly integrate with O365 and yet still have a scalable and flexible solution?

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Atlas for Frontline Workers

Frontline workers are often your company’s first line of contact with customers, so they’re vital to creating a great customer experience.

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Atlas for Internal Comms

Atlas boosts internal communication as well as engages your employee community by centralising communication and social tools. Enhance employee experience.

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Atlas for Knowledge

Atlas makes contributing, finding and sharing knowledge on Office 365 intuitive. Focus on the really valuable aspects of knowledge management.

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Atlas for Compliance

Office 365 governance and compliance can be time consuming and error prone if conducted manually. Expose compliance and governance issues with Atlas.

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Atlas for Users

Atlas increase the findability of knowledge easy and intuitive and makes collaboration simpler and effective. Quickly get going on your tasks.

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We are very passionate about what we do and the difference Atlas can make for your organisation. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more.

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