The Digital Workplace as a concept has been getting a lot of attention especially in the Microsoft ecosystem. The digital workplace is forcing companies to rethink how we work best and where we work, changing our traditional workplace into more of a Digital Workplace.

What is a Digital Workplace?

ClearPeople define the Digital Workplace as an evolving collection of tools that enables employees to be more productive by providing their daily working tools from any device and anywhere in the world. Importantly, the digital workplace solution should be integrated so that users do not lose productivity when switching from one app to the other.

Microsoft’s describes the Digital Workplace as having the right digital tools in place to connect and support employees, wherever they are, to encourage productivity, engagement, and collaboration. The digital workplace creates efficiency, increases productivity, enables accessibility, and empowers your entire organisation.


Office 365

Microsoft has built the digital workplace to offer a wide range of tools/apps that enable people to do their best work. Your digital workplace and digital transformation start with your employees by empowering them to transform and grow the business. Giving your employees the right tools so they can easily and swiftly connect with customers, co-workers, and partners increases employee engagement, skills and satisfaction.


Office 365 delivers industry-leading productivity apps like Microsoft Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, Outlook, PowerPoint, along with intelligent cloud services and world-class security.
These apps help you work more efficiently, be more creative, collaborate more easily, and find the information you need, wherever you are. It helps you create your digital workplace. 


What’s next for the Digital Workplace?

Organisations are currently very focused on getting their Office 365 infrastructure in place. However, over time they will realise that it is important to focus on improving worker outcomes. This is through a combination of adoption as well as using increasing worker productivity, impact and capability. 

This is why we developed Atlas, an award-winning digital workspace solution for Office 365 where communication, collaboration and knowledge are beautifully brought together to engage and empower your team. Wherever your people are, Atlas effortlessly provides simpler and faster access to relevant information, empowering users to easily contribute and be more productive.

We want to help every step of the way and provide the best solution, whatever stage of your Microsoft Office 365 journey. ClearPeople can solve whatever pain points you are currently experiencing or ensure you avoid these all together. Start your digital journey now.


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