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Enhancing Multi-Channel Campaign Management with Viva Amplify + Atlas

26 October 2023

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, effective communication is key for organizations to reach their target audiences. Microsoft is constantly innovating to provide new tools that streamline communication processes. The latest addition to their suite, Viva Amplify, offers a comprehensive solution for communication managers to create multi-channel campaigns with approvals, workflows and reports. This article explores how Viva Amplify integrates with Atlas and how Atlas not only improves the experience but also improves governance and advanced analytics.


Create and Govern Campaigns with ConneX

Atlasify dropdown menuFor each campaign that a communication manager creates with Viva Amplify, behind the scenes a Microsoft Teams Group and a SharePoint site collection is created. This means if you create 100 campaigns in a year, you will also be creating 100 SharePoint sites. Creating numerous SharePoint sites within an organization creates management complexity and it will require significant administrative overhead to maintain consistency configurations, permissions, and policies across all sites.


Thanks to an Atlas feature called Connex Governance, it’s easy to discover and maintain those sites. For improved governance, you can convert those sites into an Atlas Workspace with the Atlasify feature, to get the full management tools of Atlas sites (page templates, content types, Atlas metadata and more), while retaining the core capabilities of Viva Amplify.


Structured Publications with Atlas

Using Atlas and Amplify together, means that publications created within Viva Amplify automatically come equipped with Atlas metadata. This enables Communication Managers to organize and categorize content effectively. This integration ensures that content management remains efficient and structured, laying a solid foundation for effective campaigns.

Amplify Metadata Demo of Distribution Channels

Avoid Content Duplication with In-Focus

Viva Amplify duplicates pages across multiple sites for campaign distribution. This duplication can lead to content appearing repetitively for users in SharePoint if the correct audience is not selected or users have access to multiple sites. This scenario can impose an additional maintenance burden and create challenges in updating the replicated pages.

Example of search experience by publishing in multiple sites the same publication

To avoid these issues, it is advisable to publish a page in a single site and configure the Atlas feature called In-Focus to distribute content across multiple audiences. Thanks to Atlas metadata, communication managers can facilitate the targeting and select the departments and locations where the pages should be visible. Additionally, users can adjust their preferences to their preferred subjects and activities.

Viva Amplify publications in In Focus result web parts using Visual Tiles style


This strategy not only resolves content duplication but also avoids Viva Amplify restriction of limiting publications to ten sites. With In Focus, you can deliver the publications to unlimited number of sites.


Sharepoint Sites

Enrich your Viva Amplify publications with Atlas

Once a publication is uploaded to SharePoint through Viva Amplify, communication managers can edit and add Atlas Web Parts. This integration empowers users to customize and enhance their content, with Atlas features like Quick Poll. The Quick Poll feature enables the inclusion of micro-feedback mechanisms in publications, providing valuable insights for continual improvement.


Quick Poll Webpart


In-Depth Analytics with Viva Amplify

For communication managers intent on scrutinizing the performance of their communications, Viva Amplify offers a report with the Unique views and promotions, comments and likes. For communication managers looking for advanced analytics, Atlas provides a further array of metrics including clicks, bounce rate, scroll, average minutes on page, and more, in their SharePoint publications.

Quick Poll Web Part Atlas Microsoft Analytics

Viva Amplify + Atlas: A Winning Combination:

In conclusion, Viva Amplify with Atlas together provide a more comprehensive solution for communication managers seeking efficient multi-channel campaign management, streamlined governance and deep analytics. Organizations can leverage these solutions effectively to enhance their communication strategies and reach their target audiences more effectively in our digital age.


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