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More about Microsoft Viva Connections and why you should use it?

3 March 2021

 Microsoft Viva Connections is available for free to Microsoft 365 Enterprise users.

This blog has been updated on the 22/07/2022 with more useful information. 

Last year, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Viva Connections was available for free to Microsoft 365 Enterprise users.

Microsoft Viva was introduced as the employee experience platform integrated within Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Viva includes four modules: Viva Connections, Viva Insights, Viva Learning, and Viva Topics.

At ClearPeople, we have patiently been waiting for the launch of Microsoft Viva Connections to deliver an even better experience of Atlas. Together Microsoft Viva and Atlas empower people and teams to achieve even more through enhanced employee experience and by encouraging knowledge-based relationships.

Microsoft Viva Connections is your gateway to a modern employee experience. It gives you a curated, company-branded experience that brings together relevant news, conversations, and other resources. Viva Connections will be available for free for any employee in the organisation with a SharePoint license. The desktop experience for Viva Connections will rollout soon and is available by the end of March. Users need to wait a bit longer for the mobile experience for Viva Connections, which will be available in Teams this summer.

Microsoft Viva Connections desktop experience


What Is Microsoft Viva Connections?

Viva Connections is a framework through which you can deliver your intranet. Employees can access internal communications and company resources like policies and benefits and participate in communities like employee resource groups, all from a single customisable app in Microsoft Teams.

Today more and more employees are using Microsoft Teams as their primary place to communicate and collaborate with colleagues. Viva Connections is a way of delivering content even if employees don't log into SharePoint daily.


Why use Microsoft Viva Connections?

Get the most from your SharePoint intranet. If people are spending more time in Teams, it might mean they could miss important company news or updates. By bringing the content from your SharePoint intranet into Microsoft Viva Connections, you create a rich, personalised employee experience.

Employee Engagement. By bringing company communications and news into Teams, Microsoft is aiming to address engagement challenges.

More mobile friendly. No matter what your role is in the company - a frontline worker or an information worker - Microsoft Viva Connections offers a streamlined experience for tackling important tasks from your mobile.


What is Microsoft Viva Connections pricing?

There is no additional cost for Viva Connections. The application is free and does not require additional premium licenses. However, it does require SharePoint Online licenses.


When was Microsoft Viva Connections made available?

The Microsoft Viva Connections Teams app was released in April 2021 for general availability worldwide.


How can I setup Microsoft Viva Connections?

The Microsoft Viva Connections template can be downloaded directly from Microsoft's website.
However. before you download the package, we recommend that you review the step-by-step guide to setting up Viva Connections.


What are some of the limitations of Microsoft Viva Connections?

Microsoft Viva Connections for desktop is not yet supported in the Teams mobile app. Only modern SharePoint sites and pages can be viewed in Teams. All other content will open in a browser.
Some functionality is not available for SharePoint pages viewed in Microsoft Teams, such as social gestures, comments on a page as well as the ability to add an event automatically to an Outlook calendar.


What is the roadmap/latest features for Microsoft Viva Connections?

The summer update for the desktop experience focused on improvements for IT administrators and deployment enhancements.

Latest updates include:

  • Multilingual dashboard support
  • Sample card gallery
  • Further integration with 3rd party vendors


Does Microsoft Viva Connections replace a SharePoint intranet?

No. For Microsoft Viva Connections to work well, you're still going to need a SharePoint intranet with appropriate sites and good information management.

We have recently expanded the Atlas delivery experience through Viva Connections and will enrich this further through the Viva Connections dashboard.

Please note that if you are exploring Microsoft Viva as a solution for your business, this not a “plug and play” solution. Approaches and management of governance, taxonomy, content, adoption and more need to be defined and implemented. That is why Atlas compliments Microsoft Viva in so many ways.


Want to extend or make more use of Microsoft Viva Connections?

Atlas delivers enterprise grade features and components for Microsoft Viva Connections.

  Learn more about Atlas

Useful Microsoft Viva Connections resources


Microsoft Viva Learning interactive image


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