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Introducing Microsoft Viva, an employee experience platform integrated within Microsoft Teams, that puts people first

4 February 2021

During a virtual event on the 4th of February 2021, “Reimagining the Employee Experience”, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella announced that Microsoft brings together collaboration, learning and wellbeing in order to create a new product category: Employee Experience Platform (“EXP”).

EXP is the platform for Microsoft Partners and customer organisations to deliver the future of work underpinned by the power of Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Viva, an EXP, brings key Microsoft 365 and partner capabilities together that an employee needs to be successful in a single integrated experience directly in the Teams platform. It includes the following set of modules (more on the way):

  • Viva Learning
    Empower people to gain targeted skills in the apps they already use, so everyone can learn and grow. It surfaces required training and learning opportunities and includes LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn and your organisation’s own custom content.

    Viva Learning

  • Viva Insights
    Give leaders, managers, and employees data-driven, privacy-protected insights that help everyone work smarter and thrive. Includes Virtual Commute, Headspace and insights can be combined with other data resources.

    Viva Insights

    • Viva Topics
    Free up time by making it easy for people to find information and put knowledge to work. Powered by Microsoft Project Cortex, including Topic cards, Topic pages and Topic Centers. It makes Microsoft search more powerful.

    Microsoft Viva Topics

    • Viva Connections

    Keep everyone informed, connected, and inspired to bring their best to work every day. Provides a single entry point for employee engagement and internal communication capabilities like SharePoint, Yammer and Teams Live Events.

Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft said: “We have participated in the largest at-scale remote work experiment the world has seen, and it has had a dramatic impact on the employee experience. Everyone will require a unified employee experience from onboarding and collaboration to continuous learning and growth. Viva brings together everything an employee needs to be successful, from day one, in a single, integrated experience directly in Teams.”

Viva Atlas! The people-first digital workspace, available today

Atlas is leading from the front when it comes to employee experience and Microsoft Viva. For a few years already, Atlas has evolving the employee experience. Atlas brings knowledge, communication and collaboration beautifully together as the only all-in-one platform for Microsoft Viva.

By putting people-first, Atlas enables organisations to create a first-class employee experience for everyone to participate, know and achieve more.