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A global, but delegated, communication strategy - connecting people with Atlas

For this interview for the Atlas Case Study series, we sat down (over Microsoft Teams of course) with Phelim Browne, Head of Marketing at Tokio Marine HCC International, to discuss the initial introduction of the business to ClearPeople and the recent launch of Atlas, the digital workspace solution from ClearPeople.

The Atlas launch marks a new phase of its strategic digital transformation journey, and we also discussed Tokio Marine HCC’s vision for technological growth and transformation and the challenges that stood in the way. Phelim began by highlighting that Tokio Marine HCC is a broad and diverse organisation which is built on uniting many other entities. As a result, there are pockets of technology and knowledge that are only used by a select few.

This challenge could have been exacerbated during lockdown when every company relied on their teams working from home. Thankfully the business had identified the need to utilise new technologies early in order to improve the efficiency in how they provide information to their employees and collaborate on work.

About Tokio Marine HCC

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Tokio Marine HCC is a leading specialty insurance group with offices in the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom and continental Europe, transacting business in approximately 180 countries and underwriting more than 100 classes of specialty insurance.

The business operates a decentralised model, with pockets of expertise based across their global footprint. As an entity, Tokio Marine HCC has 4,000 staff across the United States, the United Kingdom and continental Europe, transacting business in approximately 180 countries and underwriting more than 100 classes of specialty insurance.

Atlas Platform overview

The Atlas Digital Workspace includes out-of-the-box communications, collaboration and knowledge capabilities for end-users, management and IT. Atlas defines a new digital workspace platform category known as a "Knowledge Productivity Platform".

Atlas is installed within the customer's Microsoft 365 (Office 365) tenant and Azure infrastructure, leveraging existing Microsoft 365 licenses, security/compliance settings, Active Directory and more.

The platform fully supports Microsoft Teams, Yammer, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Groups, Planner, OneNote, Power Apps, Power BI and much more.

Phelim started by emphasising that, “we need tools that can reflect the organisation as we grow, globally.”

Pre-Atlas, Tokio Marine HCC globally relied on communication via email and local intranets. There was a desire to evolve and to better utilise their own data to facilitate the running of the business and sync the company as a whole. In addition, Tokio Marine HCC wanted to develop a more effective channel for their C-Suite to communicate across the business. Phelim emphasised how essential it is for an international organisation to ensure regular and consistent engagement across the workforce, and its impact to be understood and analysed. He added: “regular updates, and the transferring of news and information is just not happening because we don’t have the tech to do it.”

Phelim further commented, “we don’t have an issue with using tech, but rather we hadn’t found the right partner or product to centralise all of our data and information, bringing people to one place. The compatibility with Office 365 was really important for us as we look to utilise this tech to develop our systems over time.”

So, in midst of the global challenges of the 2020 pandemic, Tokio Marine HCC saw it as the right time to implement a world-class digital platform.

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We speak to Phelim Browne at Tokio Marine HCC in the Atlas Case Study series about the C-Suite's involvement, initial post-launch feedback, the selection process and the experience working with ClearPeople.

Tokio Marine HCC had set the goal for a company-wide global platform to collate and deliver locally relevant data, analytics, documents and news. This will ensure that all necessary information is easily accessible for everyone, whilst being regularly updated by relevant stakeholders across different divisions.

Phelim stated: “we are a global business and so it is important that the information can come from the top and filter directly down to the right people. It is more important now than ever that the business has interesting channels for people to find accurate information about us, how we’re operating and what is happening in their sector of the business.”

This evolution in the way Tokio Marine HCC utilises its technology to bring together all aspects of the business, whilst simply providing staff with the information they need to do their job effectively, will help to save time and effort on an international scale.

  • "We want it to be the place where you come to do your job"

    Phelim Browne, Head of Marketing at Tokio Marketing, Tokio Marine HCC

  • "Everybody look at this [the initial UK implementation] and said, ... that's it - we want that globally"

    Phelim Browne, Head of Marketing at Tokio Marketing, Tokio Marine HCC

  • "The compatibility with Office 365 was really important for us as we look to utilise this tech to develop our systems over time."

    Phelim Browne, Head of Marketing at Tokio Marketing, Tokio Marine HCC

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To support Tokio Marine HCC’s business objectives, Atlas – ClearPeople’s digital workspace platform product - has enabled the consolidation of multiple business information and collaboration platforms into place – one portal, launched internally at Tokio Marine HCC as “The Port”.

Atlas, or “The Port”, is seen as the perfect solution for the challenges and outcomes set by Tokio Marine HCC. It caters to the company’s aim of a worldwide, centralised hub where employees can access data without clogging email inboxes.

Phelim mentioned: “we are a diverse organisation, operating around the world, and so it is really important that we have a partner who can work with us to understand what the requirements are across the board, and how to build the solution for everyone. ClearPeople has been really helpful with this, working closely with us to understand our requirements. If we ever have issues, they are dealt with quickly.”

The Future

Acquiring the Atlas platform and rolling out their new and improved technology is an important initiative for the company as part of their digital transformation to take the business forward. The Port has already had a fantastic impact with staff.

Phelim explained: “we had 75% of the company [engaged] within the first week of implementing Atlas, which is an incredibly positive start bearing in mind it was during holiday season.

We’re excited for people to view the platform as a favourable place to essentially come and do their job, learning information that is updated on a regular basis, becoming the natural place to go rather than relying on emails.”

It’s all about business ownership for us. We’re providing a platform that will help in creating content for the company, but it’s ultimately our staff’s content. Each sector has their own collaborators who can create content for their part of the business, ensuring the information is fresh, up-to-date and relevant for their colleagues across the globe.

Atlas has made a strong start as Tokio Marine HCC’s entry into future technology initiatives. Phelim and the company is looking forward to employees using the platform as an essential part of the daily work lives, whilst managing the content pertinent to the company’s continued successful international operations.

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