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White Paper: Intranet User Adoption and Engagement

1 October 2019

Implementing anything new within an organisation can be overwhelming. One such task is the implementation of a communications intranet.

Intranets have become an essential element to the success and longevity of an organisation’s internal communications. This is because intranets facilitate the exchange of information and communication which improve data and knowledge sharing capabilities between an organisation’s employees. Additionally, an effective intranet enables the access of information wherever you are which permits the proliferation and collaboration of documents. An intranet is what keeps your business evolving and connected.

This whitepaper aims to give you advice on how to plan a successful intranet adoption strategy. From gaining your employees interest, to planning key change management tactics, this whitepaper will inform, prepare and encourage a successful intranet adoption and engagement plan to ensure your intranet is used to its full potential.

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