ClearPeople selected as Preferred Partner for Microsoft 365 Project Cortex

19 September 2020

ClearPeople selected as Preferred Partner for Microsoft 365 Project Cortex

19 September 2020

Microsoft has recognised ClearPeople as a preferred partner for Project Cortex. We are delighted with this news as we are amongst the exclusive group of 17 global members of the Content Services Partner Program.

Atlas promotes new ways of working by bringing people and knowledge together. Atlas is forging its own category as a knowledge productivity platform that is designed to engage and empower teams, wherever they may be.

Having the Preferred Partners status for Project Cortex means that ClearPeople, as a member of the Microsoft Content Services Partner Program, has a deep understanding of Project Cortex and is an expert on the technical delivery of knowledge solutions.

Project Cortex is the next generation technology for document management and knowledge management in Microsoft 365. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, it enables the mining and extraction of knowledge from data, and organises the information into a Knowledge Network of shared topics (such as customers, projects, matters, cases or other). Read more about Project Cortex here.

Microsoft’s preferred partners, the highest tier in the program, are being recognised for their proven success in high-impact scenarios and workloads, including the following:

  • Advisory: helping plan for new systems and/or improvements to existing systems
  • Implementation: Establishing and activating new systems, including planning, deployment, training, and support
  • Migration: Moving systems from one operating environment to another
  • Capture: Digitizing paper and electronic records, validating data, and more
  • Workflow: Updating processes and workflows so they align with a desired future state
  • Compliance/Records Management: Managing regulatory and product control information, company policies, and records throughout their lifecycle
  • Knowledge: Gathering, organizing, sharing, and analyzing an organization’s knowledge in terms of resources, documents, and people skills
  • Hardware/OEM: Manufacturing devices that integrate physical and image processing with Microsoft Content Services
  • Extensions: Workloads not caught by other categories, such as Data Quality and Viewers

ClearPeople’s Director and Co-Founder Gabriel Karawani says: “We’re delighted to be selected as a Preferred Partner and that Microsoft recognises how Atlas, the leading knowledge productivity platform for Microsoft 365, enhances and improves the delivery of knowledge initiatives across organisations and for their end-users. Project Cortex is an important part of the Atlas roadmap.”

About ClearPeople

ClearPeople provides software and services for the modern digital workplace. Our unique history has enabled us to develop Atlas, the people-first digital workspace solution that is tightly integrated with Microsoft 365.

Atlas is an all-on-one platform for knowledge, communication and collaboration that engages and empowers your team wherever they may be. It unlocks the hidden knowledge in your organisation and increases corporate memory by bringing knowledge and people together, especially when remote working. Our customers do more, sell more, and achieve more with Atlas.

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