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Project Cortex: Microsoft recognizes ClearPeople as a leader in the content services space

29 May 2020

Microsoft Content Services Partner Program
Acknowledgement of Partner Status

Microsoft is proud to recognise ClearPeople as a Charter Member of the Microsoft Content Services Partner Program for the FY20 program year.

The Microsoft Content Services Partner Program is built and run to help organisations get the capabilities and control they need in their everyday work with an end-to-end content solution. Charter Partners in the program are recognized for their proven customer success based on Microsoft Content Services through (minimum three of) the following workloads and services:

  • Advisory: helping plan for new systems and/or improvements to existing systems
  • Implementation: Establishing and activating new systems, including planning, deployment, training, and support
  • Migration: Moving systems from one operating environment to another
  • Capture: Digitizing paper and electronic records, validating data, and more
  • Workflow: Updating processes and workflows so they align with a desired future state
  • Compliance/Records Management: Managing regulatory and product control information, company policies, and records throughout their lifecycle
  • Knowledge: Gathering, organizing, sharing, and analyzing an organization’s knowledge in terms of resources, documents, and people skills
  • Hardware/OEM: Manufacturing devices that integrate physical and image processing with Microsoft Content Services
  • Extensions: Workloads not caught by other categories, such as Data Quality and Viewers

Read the full acknowledgement of partner status here.